That Place Called Baguio (3/3)

Our 2nd day in Baguio was spent going to ukay-ukay for those thrifted finds, buying last-minute pasalubong (strawberries, grapes, peanut brittle, local nuts, etc!) and stopping at 2 more foodie places to stuff our tummies with good food.

50's Diner
Our fist stop for the day is 50's Diner to have our brunch. We already woke up quite late so we trooped over this place which is known for their steaks, burgers and milkshakes. I'm personally drawn to diners because this is like visual feast for me because I grew up reading Western books wherein all characters seemed to eat pancakes and sip milkshakes at their favorite diners. (Hello Sweet Valley and Babysitters Club!)


The diner holds a lot of promise at first especially when it's located right smacked on the side of the street, true to typical diner fashion, and has its own shiny red jeep parked outside.


... and the B/W floor, old movie posters and jukebox machine added to the diner feel all the more.

As for the food and service though, there's a lot of room for improvement. Aside from forgotten orders, unfriendly service crew and the unavailability of their pancakes (it's a diner, there must be pancakes, right??), my Chicken Cordon Bleu was tough and chewy instead of juicy and flaky... It feels like it has been thrown on a hot pan straight from the freezer. No thawing.

So while it was cooked, yes, my fork needed to wrestle with the tough meat on the plate just so I could have a bite.

Ais, Ging and Tle all ordered steaks, though, and they were okay with their food. So I guess just as long as their steaks are concerned, 50s Diner is not so bad.

They just really have to work on their service and their non-steak dishes. 

Clockwise (from top left): 1. Filet Mignon 2. S&S - Steak & Shrimp! 3. Cordon Bleu 4. Tenderloin Tips
After that, we strolled around to buy souvenirs and pasalubong. This church looks real nice, don't you think? It's so regal against the morning sky that I just had to take a photo of it.

Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral

Where to Shop
Just across the church is the souvenir market where the Mountain Grown Natural Foods store is located. This is where they sell fresh vegetables, organic food, breads, etc... Although suggest to go here early so you get dibs on the freshest picks :)


Since we still had a few things to buy (strawberries was on top of the list!), we headed to the Baguio City Market... Kung medyo maarte ka (no judgment :P), then this market is for you because it's clean, spacious and they pretty much have everything! Whatever it is that you are looking for, you are sure to find it there!!! Jams, peanut brittle, choco flakes, brocolli, mangosteen, grapes, brooms (oo, kasama talga yan!), and many more!

We also went to ukay-ukay and Zsa, Ging and Ais were able to score great finds! We only dropped by the one along session road though since we were squeezing in so many activities during the day, but for the other ukay areas in Baguio, click here.

Cafe by the Ruins

While I was watching That Thing Called Tadhana a few weeks ago, I remember pointing at this scene where Angelica and JM had their "Cheers to the great people we will be" line, telling my friend, "Dyan kami nakaupo!". And I said it so proudly as if we were friends just because we shared the same table! Hahahaha! Ganun kami naging kaclose ni JM! Hahahaha! #feeler #kahitsaupuanlang


More than being the backdrop for a local movie though, Cafe by the Ruins has earned its name in the restaurant industry by offering excellent service and delicious fares. We even overheard one of its waiters telling the foreigners in the other table that they change their menu every quarter! Talk about continuous innovation in the kitchen :P



Aside from their dishes, they also sell freshly baked breads, pastries and spreads.  Perfect for merienda!

We really enjoyed our dining experience here. In fact, this is the only restaurant during our stay in Baguio that excelled in ALL aspects -- food, ambiance and service. So bilib na bilib na ba kayo? haha! Definitely worth a visit!
Clockwise (from top left): 1. Carbonara 2. Turon 3. Bagnet with Bagoong Rice 4. Adobo Flakes

So there you have it! Could you believe this 3-part series only happened during an overnight stay in this city up North??  Baguio has so much love to offer and yes, we're already talking about going back soon! <3

You guys should head on over there now especially with this summer heat! Yes, now na!

50s Diner
Gen. Luna Road Baguio City

Cafe by the Ruins
25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio,
(074) 442 4010