Quote of the Day

Today is day 2 of colds and cough but just glad that I am feeling a little bit better today than yesterday. :)

March is turning out to be a pretty interesting month.. it's like a prep for the major adjustments ahead. Sure, there are impending goodbyes, but there are also hellos to new adventures and "Nice running into you again!" to old friends and acquaintances. :)

So I hope that you're all wrapping up the 1st quarter of the year with the same level of bravery that we greeted 2015 with. I know!!!! Time flies so fast, it's crazy!!! Soon, we'll be heralding the 2Q and really, with the unpredictablity of life, we should really paint the town with so much passion and love every second of the day!

Haha! Am I overromanticing the days? Naaaah! Just being positive, that's all. A positive realist, or is it a real positivist? May ganun ba??? Laboo! Haha! But leaving you with this quote right here:

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