The 3-day Teachers' Summit has been such an amazing experience... With 500+ volunteers of Victory Kids Ministry across the Philippines, a great revival has come upon each and every one of us. The moment that He provided for the summit's registration fee of the summit, I knew that He wanted me to be at the event -- maybe it's to tell me something, or to ease my worries, or just to jolt me with energy and excitement as I peel myself away from the routine-like way of worshiping Him... Whatever it was, I knew I was growing in anticipation as the summit drew closer :)

 "Edi Wow!" - Victory Greenshills reprezent!

 And it sure didn't disappoint, I am so excited to be serving God as I type this, just in awe on how happy I am! Wheeeeee! I learned so much from the speakers and power up kung power up talaga... That was just the recharge I needed!

... and here are some of the things I learned from the summit which I hope will also refresh you :)

Power Up Points:

- The truth changes the facts. In the story of David and Goliath, the facts were: David was too small to fight; he had the wrong armor; he wasn't trained for battle -- but embracing God's truth and His ability trumped the facts. Because David believed in the truth that God is able and willing, he won over the giant and God was glorified.

- What we behold as truth will determine how we live.

- Face the fear, conquer the doubt, then you will see faith.

- Faith begins with knowing God, and we have to do whatever it takes to know and pursue Him.

- Discovering the power is actually a pursuit of the person of the power.

- Personal prayer is a place of transformation; you become what you behold.

- Consistency in routine precedes breakthrough and inspiration.

- He is constantly speaking to us and through us, but we have to drown all voices and distractions and listen to Him alone. His voice follows these principles: Shepherd, Comforter, Still Small Voice, Conviction, Power and Peace principle.

- When He calls, He will challenge us by making that call illogical, impractical and impossible by human effort -- but you just have to trust and let His power flow through you to do what's impossible.

So grateful on how alive and personal our God is!

Truly, we are serving a wonderful, beautiful, matchless God! So if He tells you to go, just GO, because He has a great plan about to unfold and He is excited to reveal it to you. :)

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