Brow-mance with Browlab

They say that beautifully shaped eyebrows are the windows to the soul... Ay! Eyes pala yun! Eto na talaga: Never underestimate the power of a perfectly shaped eyebrows :)

I even saw this one quote which made me smile: All I want is world peace AND awesome eyebrows..

I may have laughed if someone were to say that out loud but the joke was half-meant... and I realized the weight of that statement the moment I came out of Browlab last weekend. I really felt that my entire face lit up after having their services! :)

Browlab is located at the 5/F of Market Market, housed beside Timezone and the Cinemas. Unless you know where to look though, it might be easy to miss amidst the busy area and the arcade noise at the background... So my sister and I were real happy when we finally opened its doors, revealing an elegant and cozy interior. We were so ready for our brow and lash makeovers!

I tagged my sister along with me so she can try their lash extensions. My eyes are quite sensitive so I was a bit hesitant to be gluing tiny pieces of hair on my lids... So while she dutifully had the extensions (so I can review), I opted for Browlab's other amazing services :)

What she had: Browlab Classic + Classic Lash Extensions (.10; Natural look)

Browlab Classic is all about finding the right shape of eyebrows for your face through shaping and threading. So say goodbye to bushiness and say hello to tamed and gorgeous brows! :)

After which, she was asked to choose her lash extensions. What's great about these extensions is that you get to choose how long (.08, .10, .12, .17 or .20?), how many (from 50 to 200 lashes per eye!) and how dramatic (natural or mascara type?) you want it to be :) So since my sister is probably the simplest person you'll ever meet, she opted for these:
.10 length
Classic Lashes- 80 pieces per eye
Natural Type

Putting on the lash extensions takes about 45mins-1 hour so it would be a good idea to plug in those earphones and take a nap while waiting :)

... and the after look? Ta-daaaan!!!

Lash extensions are perfect for a bare-face look, eh? It's like the effortless LBD, which you will look great in, no matter what. Imagine waking up to those beautiful lashes!

Now it's my turn, and these are what I had: Browlab Signature + Lash Perm

Browlab Signature is a lot like Browlab Classic but aside from shaping/threading your brows, they also tint them to match the color of your hair :) 

Since I had my hair dyed dark brown, my black brows don't exactly mesh with my look... So after threading my brows, they had it bleached. The bleach will leave your skin with a cool tingling sensation which is perfectly normal. Don't worry, you're in good hands. Then after bleaching it, they put on the brown tint on my brows to finish the look. Browlab Signature takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

 After the brow sesh, now it was time for the lash perm! :) I was pretty excited about this service because my lashes are stick-straight and extremely stubborn -- to the point that I've given up on curlers and mascaras. I tried perming my lashes about 2 years ago, and lo and behold, that didn't work well either... so let's see how this one fares...

Reminder: If you wear contact lenses like me, lose those first before the lash perm because the treatment may get into your eyes during the procedure which may cause irritation.

This procedure last for 1 and 1/2 hour for me. Again, that spotify playlist will come in handy during the waiting time. As mentioned a few lines ago, my eyes are quite sensitive so there was a time when my right eye was stinging from the treatment so it was a little red after... but like after an hour or so, it subsided...

So how does my brow and lashes look after??


All I could say was wow after Mai handed me the mirror to check how I look! My eyes really opened up with my newly permed lashes and groomed eyebrows! (Pardon the little redness in my eyes, aside from the fact that I have extra-sensitive eyes, this shot was taken minutes after the procedure... so that subsided in the next hour :P) Do zoom in on the lashes though! See how curled they are now??? 

Woot woot! Very happy with the services!

Do swing by at this place soon to get your beauty fix. Here is the list of their services:

Thanks Browlab! Til our next sesh! 

5th Level, Market Market Mall, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
10:00am - 9:00pm
0915 999 9524

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