30-day Turn Over

It's official, tomorrow marks my 30-day turnover at work. Yahoooo! Yes, I'm resigning from work and this has been pressing on my mind since the start of the year... but God has finally pushed me to be brave, to stop worrying and just trust. So through the 3-day Teachers Summit last weekend, the message had been loud and clear -- no more waiting, just do it. So I did!

I've honestly been feeling down at work for awhile now, I try to get back my old and jolly self and believe me, I have tried and tried, but later on I realized, that money is just money and that there are more things that matter more in life... THAT, and life is too short to not be doing what we feel passionate for.

So today starts my quest back to finding my passion, to serving God and just letting Him lead me to the next adventure.

It's exciting and scary...  

Gaya nga ng sabi ni Anthony sa That Thing Called Tadhana, hanggang sa nasanay ka nalang na kumita nang kumita, at yun nalang ang alam mong gawin... na nakakalimutan mo na yung mga gusto mo talagang gawin sa buhay. 

Sobrang relate ako nung sinabi nya yun!

... of course there's security in money and it's only practical to be earning regularly... but then again, that's not all there is to it... and if God is already leading you to find His true purpose for you, then you don't owe anyone an explanation.

You just smile at them and walk on...

My friend, Rhea, asked me yesterday if I am happy, and instead of my usual pause, followed by "okay lang", I was already smiling before the word came out of my mouth like a giggly teenage girl, "YES." :)