Day Four

Just a quickie update! :)

It's our 4th day of fasting and it's amazing how I can still type this without fainting from hunger... hehe! Yesterday, I even had the audacity to go to the mall to score the perfect birthday gift for my friend... I really didn't want to spend so much energy but the gift nerd in me won  in the end that there I was, trying on shoes after shoes (because she specifically requested for wedge! Hi Loy! Haha!) that I was beet red from exhaustion when I got home :P

It was probably not a smart move during fasting but I got ready for work on time today (I really thought I was going to be late!) and am breathing normally so it's amazing how God has strengthened me for the past 4 days.

I like that there are more opportunities coming my way these days and yes, I am gaining clarity on some things but I am still seeking God on most things.

I would've wanted for everything to be in black and white by tomorrow night but but I think I will come out of the fasting week still seeking for His answers.

Some answers, I may get in a week -- a few, the following month -- and the other few, may well be on the tail end of the year... But it's a journey that I know have to go through because praying is a lifestyle, as well as the attitude that we cultivate in fasting-- which is constant surrender and sacrifice in order to know him more deeply and to truly follow Him. :)

So this is me waiting... and seeking.

PS. To say that I am looking forward to breaking the fast is an understatement :P 1 tulog nalang! ;)