So You Had a Bad Day

Last Friday, I caught myself getting irritated by the second as I get one bad update after the next at work - confirming either low performance for the month or delay in our campaign activities.

I just wanted nothing more but to call it a day and go home...  But since that wasn't an option, I just watched a movie (yup on my own :P) and stuffed my mouth with Taters potato chips (cheese flavor!) and Jamaican pattie (cheesy beef!) later that afternoon. Yup, that made me feel a little better after!

We all go through this kind of day, and so soon after ringing in the new year with our hopes and goals too!  Tsktsk! So as I dragged myself to take on the hours that day, I knew that I had to snap out of it and be wary, lest I find myself stuck in the limbo of the daily activities.

That's what I don't want to happen... to focus on the not-so-good things that I will just be dragging myself and the days will pass me by.

I watched an endearing movie a few weeks ago entitled "About Time". It's about a guy named Tim who meanders thru life with the gift of going back in time whenever he chooses to...

He said something at the latter part of the film that his dad taught him one thing (his dad was also given the gift to travel back in time): that if he ever had a BAD day, he needs to go back in time and relive that day -- so that he can look past the bad stuff and take notice of the good things --- turn the bad into good.

And when I imagined that last Friday, I think that's a pretty good gift to have... since you are the only one who knows that your boss may be in a bad mood, or an unfortunate event will happen... you also have the opportunity to make the moment light, or to stop the event from happening...

Of course, the film talked about life and impact of every choice that we make... but that tidbit of lesson that his dad imparted to him about bad days was just so apt last Friday that I had to echo it here!

I just don't want to be getting through each moment, but I want to passionately and fiercely live IN it. :)

Having a bad day? We all have those... but remember, it's JUST a bad DAY, not a bad life. ;) Wag OA!

We're all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride. - About Time

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  1. I simply adored this film. I bawled my eyes out when Tim's dad said those words...when they walked through the beach as father and son and when Tim realized he should live each day by laughing at the bad and being happy no matter what happens. "About Time" is one of the best underrated movies out there, IMHO. :D

    Also, I LOOOOOVE CHEESY BEEF JAMAICAN PATTIE!!!!! Just sayin'. <3<3<3

    1. Me too! :D I loved Tim! He was so adorable - such a cute and awkward portrayal! :D People should watch this movie because it's more than just a love story :)

      PS. I KNOOOOW!!! It's my go-to comfort food! :D


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