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12 Lessons I Learned This Year

Home-y feels

Gratefulness never goes out of style

Somebody give me a more apt analogy please

Boring?! NooooooO!

Series of Unexpected Events



Island life

Heart of a Volunteer

Sweet for my Sweet!

Mini Escapades Soon

Not Just Here to be Cute :)

20% OFF on Etsy!

So I've decided to Work at Church Full-Time

Up-ping my Craft Game

Let's be Taste-Makers!

Playlist Faves: Paramore

Wait Lang


Quote of the Day

Lord, ano po ba talaga? *insert worried expression here*

That Place Called Baguio (3/3)

That Place Called Baguio (2/3)

That Place Called Baguio (1/3)

30-day Turn Over


Happy Hearts Day!


Brow-mance with Browlab

So You Had a Bad Day

Foodie Faves: Pi Breakfast & Pies

Foodie Faves: Dulcelin Gourmet

Pope Francis in Manila


Day Four

To Go or Not to Go?