WMYCM: 11 Day-Challenge

What makes your Christmas merry? To answer that question for 11 days, as a way of counting down the days til Christmas (yes! 11 days nalang!) -- that's my last project for the year :)

December is hands-down the busiest month of 2014 for me and with all the festivities and things-to-do on my list, I want to keep my eyes open for God's blessings. I refuse to not enjoy every single day just because I've been too focused on crossing out items on that list. I don't want to just get through the parties and events (yung mairaos lang ba! Haha!). 

So this project is saying that I want to be fully present and conscious of His goodness in my life. It's also a way of documenting on how the past month has been. Like a photo diary for 11 days! Dibaaa?  So that when I'm feeling a little bit emo, I can just browse and see 11 merry days.

 I'll be posting 'em on my Instagram account!

Do join me with these hashtags: #11daychallenge #wmycm

Merry posting and sharing! :)