Not Being Easily-Angered (trying!)

Being quick to anger is probably one of the most unattractive traits someone can have.

Someone recently told me that I may just be heading towards that direction: "mabilis uminit ang ulo" were the words. The urge to blurt out reasons and say that I do not were probably symptoms of this ugly habit so I just kept quiet and mulled the words over.

Hmm... is it true? Is there truth to that statement?

So I thought about those moments when I was irritated, or got pissed off at something...
  • The person walking slowly in front of me at the walkway made me sigh as I quickly overtook her...
  • My voice growing in pitch and volume as I ask someone on the phone the reason for delay in sales processed for the month...
  • My exasperated expression when my parents asked me one question after another. There were even a few times when I said "ano bang problema??" (what's the problem??) and "ako na nga bahala" (I'll handle it.") in that irritated tone. Usually I just keep quiet, but these days, my irritation has been spilling out as words from my mouth.
Later on, the person who said that I was becoming hot-headed told me that I'm not as resilient as I used to be (positive scripting, bow :P) and although I am far from having an all-out attitude, she is already seeing signs of an attitude from me.

I'm not yet a 1 if the scale is from 1-10, she added. I am 0.5.

Well maybe that's not so bad. It's not yet there pero isang maliit na tumbling nalang, you're officially the girl-who-is-easily angered. Whoah.

Being 0.5 is a warning sign.

So these days, I'm trying to not be quick to react when things don't go my way.

These 3 simple things are proving to be really helpful lately, so I'd like to share just in case you may be a 0.5 yourself. ;)

Things-Not-Going-as-Planned Buffer
Things will never be perfect, and somehow even though we know this fact by heart, small imperfections easily agitate us.

Sometimes when it's super hot outside, it pisses me off. It's the weather for crying out loud! And this is a tropical country! So what do I expect?? Lol!

The country's public transportation is also a good example because in a week, something usually gets busted or someone decides to jump off to a moving traffic in EDSA, causing MORE traffic in an already congested area... I guess at some point, commuters just had to accept that these things happen and while we are free to express our sentiments to the authorities who can mobilize change, we also need to adjust our expectations and respond in a more positive manner.

So the key is to have room for imperfect details and let go of the little things not worth stressing over, especially those things out of your control. So that when it does happen, you also have enough room to breathe, think and be reasonable.

I like this illustration from Hitrecord, when it pours, learn to dance in the rain. :)

Rest, Eat, sleep!
These things are super important. When I am tired and had no decent food to eat, small things set me off because all I want is to rest and eat!!!

Well-rested and well-fed people are more patient and understanding. So make sure you have enough zzzs and good eats.

....preferably not at the same time :P

Focus on Someone Bigger than Yourself
I am not a morning person so my mom's voice and the house's hustle and bustle are usually my alarm clock... which are not the best way to wake up. So instead of dragging my body out of bed as my first action, I lie completely still and pray. I sometimes also reread the passage in my devo the night before just to remind me on how God is molding me and that the world is not for me and about me.

God's purpose for me is not to make things convenient for me or to make me happy. He has bigger plans in mind and usually they include challenging feats and imperfect circumstances. 5 minutes to just meditate and say a prayer to God the moment you open your eyes when you wake up -- this a great way to jumpstart your day!

I really do hope and pray that I won't be the girl who gets angry easily... don't want to cross the threshold to being a 1! ;)

“He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty. And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.” Proverbs 16:32

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