Hi there, 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

How did you spend yours? Just wanted to share this photo quote to welcome 2015:

I just remember this clicking ever so perfectly a few days ago -- that you're fine wherever you are... that wherever you find yourself, you're meant to be there -- to be at a point to be looking back to all that has come to past and to be looking ahead to the moments that are yet to come.

There are certain things that I wasn't ready to take on just yet like two years ago, but right now, I am more than ready to say yes to exactly just that.

So this was a great reminder: All that came to past was necessary to develop the kind of person that you are now. So while it's okay to wonder and ask, in the end you just have to trust... because everything that has happened had to in order to prepare you for what tomorrow will bring.

With that, I thank God for all the years before this...  and to 2015? Yup, I'm ready for you. :)

Photo Credits:
Life After Breakfast