Fashion Favorites this December

Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year because not only are the streets decked with lights and festive decorations, but it's the season where a walk becomes a leisurely treat for us residing here in Manila because of the unusually cool weather. :)

...and it is when the air becomes extra chilly that we can finally pile ourselves with knitwear, scarves and wear those nude-suede ankle boots we bought on sale last year without having to sweat like crazy. Lol! That's just how it rolls here in a tropical country. :) A beach is nice, don't get me wrong...I love the beach! Pero minsan diba feel mo lang magscarf and boots??! Aminin :P

So for 2 months at least, we can finally incorporate these fashionably-fit-for-winter pieces in our outfits! Hooray!

Since the options have expanded for us sun-loving locals once Ber months roll in, here are some outfits you may want to don. These are basic pieces with a twist fitting for the cool weather:

1. Denim Jacket + Tights + Ankle Boots

I know I have featured the denim jacket + dress ensemble before but this tandem is just simply one of my favorites :P Another way to wear it this season is to pair it with ankle piston boots, a knitted scarf and tights like the outfit above :)

2. Round-necked top + Boyfriend jeans + Platforms

Goodbye shorts and tank tops, hello pants and round-necked shirts! Time to take those boyfriend jeans out for a spin and pair it with a trendy shirt. Don't worry if you're not a fan of boots, because a two-toned platform sandals like this one would be perfect for this look (those shoes are awesome, can I just say. :P) Be more stylish by throwing in a printed belt and a fedora hat to add more swag to the whole look :)

3. Collared Top + Knitted Cardigan + Skater Skirt

Those knitwear that your relatives abroad kept sending you for Christmas? Yes, this would be the good time to wear them. This one is called the Blair Waldorf look where every piece is put together perfectly. :) Layering is this season's last name so go ahead and experiment! You can also mix and match textures like the look above where knitwear meets leather meets suede :)

A knitted dress -- too cute and effortless for words! Look how she just put on black bangles and bracelets to complete the look. This piece would look great with boots, flats or brogues :P

4. Poncho +  skinny jeans/leggings

There are different styles of ponchos and the key is to get something that is not too big for you and to balance it by wearing skinny jeans or tights so you don't end up looking too boxy and shapeless:) The one above is the classier take to this fashion piece paired with high pumps while the one below is the open-typed poncho which you can wear with a belt or keep it open and style it with accessories. :) Zoom in on those lace-up boots, please.

5. Scarf, scarf, scarf!

This versatile fashion piece adds pizzazz to any outfit, whether you pair it with a leather jacket, skinny jeans, chinos, dress or a bodycon skirt. Here are some outfit pegs I scoured around the web that may be to your liking :)

What do you think? :D Go ahead and bundle up in style!

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