Ask Filipinos 5 years ago whether they celebrate Thanksgiving, and you would probably have gotten a shrug... Fast forward to 2014, and you soon find yourself looking at photos of relatives and friends celebrating this festivity in social media.

And what's not to love about this season? It's all about looking back and being thankful for things big and small. It's a quick shout out to the world saying, " It's not so bad after all - the good things always outweigh the bad in the end! :)

So these are the 8 good things this year that I am most thankful to God for:

1. For the crazy-laughter and tear-jerking moments shared between friends :)

For my ever-loving Switz family who has been my closest friends for the past 15 years! For accepting me for being the crazie that I am!

For my college friends who have been so dependable! Thankful for our once-a-month catch ups that have now been a tradition!

For my stillwaters and VCF family who have helped me grow in faith. You'd think that we're a bunch of serious church-goers. Oh geez. Try sitting with us and you'd know how God's grace has persisted and prevailed through our sabaw and out-of-topic hirits! :P

2. For the unconditional, always-quick-to-forgive and patient kind of love <3

For my family who has seen me grow for the past 27 years of my existence :P They know how much of a brat I can be and yet they still they love me. That's the true test of love, isn't it? When your love statement isn't peppered with "because" or "if".... you just love the person, period.

3. For the challenges at work that have pushed me... discover skills and talents, as well revealing in me tendencies and traits that I would need to cut out and change like the tendency to be easily angered when things don't go my way. Whoops!

4. For good health
...that has made it possible for me to do things 100% (ika nga ni Taguro, 100 pursyentong lakas! haha!). I read a quote somewhere that a healthy body is the vehicle for God's work and ministry so we should be good stewards of it :)

5. For God's Word that never changes
... and that never fails to teach, remind and convict me on who I am in Christ. Just a few days ago, I was reminded on how Jesus aspires us to be like little children -- with no care about their status and how the world sees them, and with absolutely no worries in life. Everything that weighs us down as adults such as relationships, finances and work are all meant to be handed to God. He calls us to depend and trust in Him at all times -- just like how a child does. :)

6. For the travel opportunities that have widen my perspective in life (lawak-utak)

... and have pushed me to  take on braver adventures (Aba! Kaya ko pala to!)

7. For His provision that allowed me to bless others especially those that are carrying out His work :) It's just amazing how when I committed to step out in faith and generosity this year, He was quick to give me more than I need.

8. For the simplicity of life that can only be beautiful through His grace.... I'm thankful that I can still be so giddy for the things that are seemingly so simple like sharing a meal with friends, reading a book in the comfort of our apartment, walking along Ayala Avenue with the Christmas lights and decors as my companion, enjoying the 1-hour cardio martial arts workout at the gym, singing my heart out at the KTV after office hours....

There are more from where this came from and so for everyone, everything, and to Him who has made everything worth thanking for, SALAMAT!

How about you? What are you most thankful for this year? :)