My First Nike Pair

There are but a few things that would make a woman giddy with excitement aside from snagging a new pair of shoes. I swear, just the idea of buying myself a pair awhile ago was making me squeal with delight. :) Now that's Christmas is just around the corner, sale kung sale talaga everywhere!!! So today, my agenda was to buy myself a good pair of rubber shoes for gym next week (yes, nagbabalik-loob na po ako).

Although it was years ago since I bought the sporty-kind of shoes, it was only today that I bought a branded pair. I hardly owned anything that was branded the moment I hit grade 4... because that was the time when we went through a financial crisis (just a quick Throwback sharing :P)

My family lost a lot of things during that time -- like our house, cars, businesses... It was a difficult time but it was also a time that my sisters and I were grateful for because that was when we grew up. It was the time when we pushed ourselves to find value and purpose apart from the all the material things that the world offers... and maybe that's why we had to go through it in the first place :)

So it was only when we started working that we started to get back on our feet. We've still got a long way to go in buying ourselves a new house... and I remembered how I told my friend a few years back on how great it would be to have a day when I didn't have to think about money and my fam and I can just shop for whatever we want. Lol! I said that without resentment or bitterness, but with just sheer candidness and excitement. :P

Who knows when that will happen but I'm thankful for today -- I'm thankful that something seemingly so simple and easily dismissive for the rich kids of the world can still make me happy. :)

So yaaaaayyyyy! Thank you Lord for my new kicks! hehe!