Foodie: Wicked Kitchen

I'm sure most of you have already visited the stretch of restaurants along Maginhawa and its neighboring streets... but as for me, it was my first time to dine in the area last week. :)

Last Saturday, my clubhouse friends and I decided to eat at Wicked Kitchen. When we got there around 12pm, it was only us. But after about half an hour, the place was packed!

It's been five years since we graduated from Ateneo, and there are now so many foodie places to try in Katipunan and its nearby areas. Before, there were only a handful! Now, the choices abound and since they cater to students, prices are at a reasonable range. :)

Going back to Wicked Kitchen: What's interesting about the place was their menu, which holds items that give meaning to the words "guilty pleasures", they coined them after sins like greed and gluttony.

Their serving size was good for only 1 though, so we all ordered a main dish each and we just ordered one appetizer and dessert for sharing. :)

Buffalo Tenders (P188)
Pansin nyo ba pag appetizer, I always forget to take photos of it first?? Lol! I must always be hungry that to dig in is my first priority :P

This one's pretty good, I like that it's just mild spicy and see the oily goodness at the bottom? Yummy with their ranch dip!

Beef Bulgogi (P158)

This was my order and this one's the best for me :) I like spicy food but I'm not a big fan of kimchi but because of this dish, I may just be giving that next kimchi dish some serious consideration.

Ex's Lasagna (P199)
This looks real good but it somehow fell short of our expectation. This is one of their bestsellers but this one's just so-so. Nothing special, unfortunately.

Truffle Carbonara (P189)
This one's the better pasta dish :) Of course, I'm usually partial for white sauce :)

Greed (P178)
Two thumbs up for presentation! Serving the smores on a skillet was a nice touch :) Although by the time the smores hit the crackers, it ends up getting cold and sticky, but this is still worth coming back to if you want to get your smores fix :)

With Den, Steph and Bett

All in all, the dining experience was just so-so. The price was reasonable, and I still haven't tried their dessert, Gluttony, which the restaurant is most famous for... They also have other "sinful" items in their menu, just click the link below :)

2/F 189 Maginhawa corner Makadios,
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
(02) 4330196
(0917) 6465243

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  1. Photoshop me please! Ever the late me hahaha :p Greed was delish! I wish there were more graham crackers to counterbalance the CHOCOLAAAAATE :))

    1. Bett took photos of us na complete! :D Onga, bitin yung graham crackers! Greed was a little too sweet for me though! ;)

  2. Hindi mo pa nattry yun gluttony?? Noooo, balik tayo just for that!! :) Gluttony > Greed!


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