Say Goodbye to Hair! (Shaving vs Deps vs Plucking vs Waxing)

So much has changed in the daily routines of women. Do you remember when waxing was somewhat the wild child in the hair removal methods? Slumped below shaving, plucking and depilatories, waxing was reserved for the more courageous few, simply because it's more expensive and just the word "waxing" makes one cringe in pain just thinking about it.

... But nowadays, waxing studios have started setting up shops here and there, almost challenging the more reserved Pinays and Pinoys (yep, being hair-free is not just for girls!) to take hygiene to the next level.

Aside from waxing though, there are other hair removal methods available out there. So here is a quick comparison rundown on the different methods -for all of you who wants to achieve that smooth and hair free skin. :)

Note: The comments are based on my experience so this is not meant to make motherhood statements on these hair-removal methods. People have different skin and tolerance level of pain. So what make be working best for me, may be the worst for the next person. So the key is to try and observe which one's the best for you :)

For each method, I will rank the level of Pain from 0-5; with 5 being the most painful.

Shaving vs Dep vs Plucking vs Waxing

1. Shaving - Level of Pain: 1 ; growth will be seen in 2-3 days because it doesn't get to the root of the hair; friction can cause redness, itchiness and uneven skin tone because the blade scrapes the surface of the skin

When I have to no time to drop by a waxing salon, I resort to this. Because it's the quick and cheap way to get those hairs at bay... but my hair always seemed to grow thicker and coarser after shaving them, so that's the trade-off that I noticed :(

2. Depilatory - Level of Pain: 0; growth will be seen in 5-7 days because just like shaving, it doesn't really pull out the root of the hair, but it goes deeper than shaving. What it does is that it weakens the hair, so after leaving it on for 15-20 minutes, you just wipe it off with a clean cloth, then the hair will come off with it. What's good about it is that it's just like lotion, so your skin really does feel smoother after and it's pain freeeeee!

If you want an absolutely pain-free experience and if you're patient enough to wait for the depilatory to take effect, then you may want to try this :)

3. Plucking - Level of Pain: 4 ; growth will be seen in 3 weeks; this for me is the most painful one because you have to pull out the hair one by one which can cause redness, itchiness and chicken skin after. This may not be as quick, but if you want the most affordable means for hair removal, then plucking is the way to go. You just have to invest in a good 'ol tweezer.

4. Waxing - Level of Pain: 3; significant growth will be seen in 3 weeks; yep, it's more painful than shaving and depilatories because it pulls out the root of the hair using a waxing strip (or sometimes just the wax for the cool wax) but since one pull takes out multiple hairs, it's less painful than plucking; it can also cause redness and itchiness a few hours after depending on the skin's sensitivity but the great thing about it is that it promises longer period of smoothness and being hair-free! :)

Of course, if you want something more permanent, then you can consider laser, but more on that next time when I've had the chance to try it :)

For now, I'm happy with the results that waxing is giving me because I am hair-free longer so I can wear tanks and skirts without being embarrassed and my skin feels smoother even weeks after! So for all of you haven't tried waxing yet, I encourage you! Try it even once and let me know how it goes!

PS. Here's a link on Total Beauty for hair removal 101, this one's pretty informational especially if you're a newbie in the world of hair removal :)

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  1. Waxing is the way to go! You'll get used to the pain naman after a few visits.

    Threading (for eyebrows) is the worst. Level of pain: 1000. Haha! :P

    1. True! :) A little pain for better results!

      Threading! I just pluck my eyebrows now, it's more bearable for me :)


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