It's Perfectly Fine Not to Say Anything

Last weekend, we went to this Starbucks branch in Tagaytay and it was really lovely. It was situated below a steep driveway, and unless you know where to look, it would be quite easy to miss. But it's a spacious lot -- with glass doors, paintings, couches, benches and wooden architecture -- it may just be my favorite Starbucks by far.

I am a sucker for lights and fresh cool air, so it being situated in a steep and high place, with more seats outside (where you can sip your coffee alfresco style), was more than a welcoming treat for me. Ate Flo told me that she and her husband used to go there before this branch has gotten the word out that it exists. So there would only be a handful of people and they would have the place all to themselves for almost the entire day. Cool breeze, quiet atmosphere, smell of coffee in the air, a mug of hot cappuccino in your hand --- that would be the day. I'd love to have more of that :)

I think a part of me has forgotten how comforting quiet stillness could be. On most days, I feel like I should keep talking and that could get tiring at times. I remember telling one of my friends a few months ago that it's okay to not talk. Since there were only two of us in the car (I'm hitching a ride with her), she seemed to be looking for things to talk about, making sure all spaces are filled and there's no awkward silence escaping the air. So I said with a smile, "it's okay not to talk..." because I don't want her to feel that she has to entertain me when in fact silences are perfectly fine with me, especially when shared between friends. Move forward to months after, and I find myself in her shoes -- "keep talking when you're with someone, no silence allowed, okay?" seemed to be my monologue.

So there are days when I go home tired and wanting to be alone. But here's the news: Nobody said that I have to keep talking, right?? I just imposed that on myself :P

So I'm trying to adjust back to my old skin -- to the one who finds silences comforting, even beautiful.

Today, it's lunch out with a few of my college buddies at this yummy, crepe place in Makati and tomorrow is our team's week to serve at Kids Church :) It will be a weekend filled with friends and ministry teammates, so let's see how I will be able to apply this truth -- to find beauty in the quiet and still places.

How about you? How do you feel about silences? :)


  1. Sometimes, the most memorable conversations are those made in silence. :)

    1. Agree! That's how I know when I'm comfortable with a person :)

  2. Sakto sa super long bonding natin that Saturday! Haha! :P

    1. Onga! :D Hehehe! Chill day lang with random conversations! :P Pati si Mic napasali sa mga Q&A natin! :P


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