Fashion Spotlight: Kim Jones

Hey, another fashion spotlight post! :)

For this one, I am putting the spotlight on Kim Jones -- her statuesque built, lazy-expressive eyes and genuine smile -- make her photos a joy to look at. It also helps that words tumble so easily for her and she poses against beautiful backdrops showcasing different parts of the continents. And her latest escapades? Tokyo and Paris.

Since she runs Miss Jones - a travel, fashion and beauty blog - I will be putting in excerpts straight from her blog. :) Ready?

"Although many reviews of Barcelona refer to the popular place as a can and visitors simply as the sardines, the amount of tourists does nothing to dampen the joy of being in one of the world’s most famous cities. When you’re not revelling in the beauty of the architecture or shopping boutiques in the quaintest of streets (It is exactly what I imagined European shopping to look like) the coffee and churros will call your name from the many cafes that the city is peppered with. " - Kim

New York
"When I’m exploring for the day you will not find me in heels. Shock, horror, I know. Instead, you’ll find me in the flattest of flats, loose trousers and some sort of upper garment that provides ample ventilation. Even if it looks like I’m just wearing a bandana tied around my torso. I was obsessed with finding cobblestone streets for at least one of my shoots in New York." - Kim

"This was the afternoon in Paris we spent roaming around Rue Saint Honore before finding Place Vendome. Feeling the sunset approaching, Echs and I were just genuinely enjoying the architecture and the way the sun rays bounced off the surrounding windows. It’s difficult not to feel the romance of Paris. Being my first time and one of my dream destinations, I had concocted many notions of what the famous city was like and similar to every other giddy, over excited girl witnessing it for the first time, it was everything I expected it would be and more. Beauty on every corner, breathtaking sights and the restaurants bestrewn with pastries and bread." - Kim

"Tokyo is such a feast for the eyes. When I travel I prefer to bypass travel or bus tours and instead roam the streets myself and whatever happens, happens. A lot of the time I find myself wandering (aka getting lost) in the side streets of cities and stumbling across the very best of little vintage stores, quiet parks and boutique cafes. So when Echo and I went, we went with absolutely no travel itinerary. That’s the way we like it. We love asking the locals where to visit, which often results in a conversation made up of one word sentences or frantic gesticulation." - Kim


"I am grinning from ear to ear in utter excitement (I wish you could see how fast my fingers are typing now) to share the Ampersand Collection from Rags II Riches. I first heard about R2R shortly after I arrived in the Philippines when my dear friend Jen Blair-Bianco mentioned an amazing young label empowering Filipino artisans by utilising their skills and tradition to produce eco-ethical accessories. Since then it continues to flourish, locally and internationally, as they continue to beautifully meld the two worlds of fashion and advocacy. Now, years later, it is my absolute pleasure to work with the team in bringing you their latest campaign." - Kim

That last one was so genuine, it's infectious! Hope to see more of those sincere and as-real-as-it-gets photos in other bloggers' pages! :)

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