Fashion Spotlight: Blake Lively

Sometimes life's not very fair.

You look at yourself in the mirror and you look at this lady and you tell yourself, "this is as good as it gets."

Thank you Princess Diaries, I got that scene from that movie. :)

Anyway, I've always been a Blair fan over Serena back in the Gossip Girl days. But I must say that Serena -- the real life Serena, aka Blake Lively -- has grown on me. So now, I'm a certified Blake fan. Because seriously, a girl with her face and built cannot also be an expert in the kitchen, riiiiggghhht??

You mean you just happened to be gorgeous and a whiz in baking cupcakes??? Where does that leave us all human beings??? Lol!

Although once all those life-is-not-fair rants are said and done, I only have admiration for Ms. Lively (now Mrs. Reynolds) at the end of the day because she seems so down-to-earth and witty :) Plus, she has an amazing sense of style -- being both a red carpet stunner and street style crush!

Come and check out her outfits here! Here are a few of my fave Blake looks:

Whether it's being red-carpet ready or a night-out snapshot with friends, a body-hugging dress or skirt matched with pumps will make an instagram-worthy OOTD. 

 Earthy tones matched with floral patterns, waist-cincher belt and silver necklace -- I just love how classy this one looks!

Let's take a moment to pay tribute to those heavenly nude shoes. All done? This outfit kind of reminds me of a girl scout but I like it because it looks so easy, preppy and high-end all at once. The bag and the shoes made this outfit -- looking every bit straight from the Upper East Side.

Can I please, please, please, borrow this dress even for just one night? The cut and the neckline of the dress made this a winner for me. This definitely wowed the audience while maintaining her classy and regal vibe.

It's a flashback for Ms. Lively with this retro look!

Blake wore this at the Met Gala with hubby Ryan Reynolds... where E-online described her look as over-the-top perfection. :) She looks gorgeous in this!!!

I like easy pieces put together that make one heck of a statement look. That breezy top, beige skorts, gray boots and statement necklace made this look effortlessly appealing. It has a lot of personality without trying too hard.

Summery, breezy and happy :) This outfit is so colorful, it's an instant pick-me-up for an otherwise gloomy day.

Perfect for those days in the park just when the sun is about to set :) Sparkly outdoor shoes!

What do you think? :)

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