Singapore Series: Universal Studios

Sometimes when you want to get away, the perfect solution is to not be in one, but in SEVERAL make-believe worlds :)

While Disneyland is a kid's happiest place on earth, Universal Studios is for the kids and the kids-at-heart (aamin na, kasama na kami dito :D)-- specifically those who have a fascination for movies and who can't help but be wowed by the brilliance of film-making.

My friends and I were definitely looking forward to this experience because we're major movie buffs, and maybe we can say this about majority of the Filipinos, we appreciate world-class entertainment!

Well enough introduction, come and see USS through these photos :)

USS is made up of seven zones: Hollywood, New York, Far Far Away Land (Shrek and Fiona's castle!), the Lost World, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt and Sci Fi City (Optimus Prime and Bumblebee!) :)

We were so ready to be wet at Waterworld (duh :P) with our raincoats on.  In fact, you have to be because there's a soak zone, so if you find yourself seated there, bawal pikon, you just have to laugh it off when you get splashed with water and enjoy the show! Waterworld is one of the famous attractions at USS because they simulate action scenes as seen on movies, complete with explosions, airplanes and guns.

Our favorite attraction is the Transformers Ride which we rode twice. They call the riders "Freedom Fighters" because you will be fighting the bad guys alongside the Transformers :) 

Presenting... Optimus Prime and Bumblebee! Aside from the map of USS, be sure to check out the schedule of the shows and attractions, so you can take photos with your favorite characters like these two right here :)

Hey! Universal Motion Dancers at Universal Studios!?? Couldn't have asked for a better fit! Haha! :) We were a proud bunch of Filipinos when these guys came on because they're really talented. By the time they finished the show (street and break dance), the street was packed with curious onlookers, watching these guys :) Good job, guys!

Hindi na kami nahiya kay Marilyn! Haha! 
That was her idea by the way, for everyone to pose and blow a kiss. *Mwah Mwah tsup tsup*


Candy-licious! "Be a vegetarian, eat candy." Well said, well said.

We spent an entire day at this theme park and still, we weren't able to squeeze in everything! So be sure to be there by 10am and line up first on the main attractions (Transformers, Waterworld, Revenge of the Mummy, Rapids Adventure, etc) That map really does come in handy. :)

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PS. Last post on Singapore will be on Gardens by the Bay and the good eats at Singapore, stay tuned!

Photos by:
Val Ngo
Joy Buena