Freshly Landed from SG

Just got back from Singapore today and while my feet are aching and my arms are now decorated with slight bruises from all the luggage (aka shopping bags) in tow, I just thank God for the opportunity to kick back and relax in a foreign land. :)

I've always been a fan of traveling, because for me, people grow in so many ways when they travel. It's voluntarily pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to find and grow into a better version of yourself. Yes, it's scary but it's also exciting!

Can I just say that Singapore is such a beautiful city? I am in awe on how efficiently ran that country is! My friends and I felt really safe walking the length of its streets and riding their buses and MRT! :)

I have a confession to make: I actually felt a little sad when I the plane landed back in Manila today. I guess when I saw how organized and clean another country can be, I just felt bad for the Philippines. :(

Our country, with its effortlessly natural beauty to boasts of, is just so much hampered by challenges (can you say corruption), stifling its potential for growth.

Grrrrr to all the corrupt officials who only think of themselves! :(


Sorry, just had to say that. I just pray that the Philippines will be changed into a country that it was meant to be. Nothing is impossible with God :) This generation may not see it, but the next or the next-to-the-next generation may.

Anyway, I'll write in more detail soon about Singapore and our short side trip to Malaysia's Legoland, wheeeeee! In the meantime, here's my most recent travel on our day 1 in CDO last month :)

Hope y'all had a great weekend! :)

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