Camiguin's Best (Part 3/4)

Hello White Island! :) For this post, I am posting large-sized photos because the island is so beautiful, it deserves nothing less than full-bleed (or as big as these can get!) images :) We stayed at Paguia's Cottages in Camiguin, which is just 15 minutes away from the island.

Yes, this island is famous for its sandbar, and is also called as the Alphabet Island because depending on the tide, the sandbar shifts from time to time. So it may be look like an "L" this morning, then gradually shifts to an "E" in the afternoon :)

Here we go!

It's so beautiful, isn't it?? We went there really early, around 6am so the sun wasn't beating down so hard and the sky was just tinted with orange and pink hues :)

Aside from the obviously gorgeous island Camiguin boasts off, this is also where we had our best dining experience of the trip.

Luna Ristorante
Yummy Italian dishes, that's what Luna offers. They also have bands playing here a few nights a week so it's more than just your go-to lunch place.

CW from top left: (1) Papaya & Calamansi shake (2) Carbonara (this one's al dente!) (3) Luna Pizza (4) interior (5) See their sign??? Best Pizza in Camiguin! :) Must try!!!

Casa Roca Inn

It was pouring on our first night in Camiguin but we resolved to go out to discover hidden gems as far as food is concerned so despite the crazy rain, we were on the look out for the zebra printed gate of Casa Roca Inn and hoped that they were open! And it was a good call that we did, because Casa Roca Inn has such great ambiance and food! :) 

CW from top left: (1-2) All smiles in their rustic dining interior, they even have a bar! (3) Their specials are written on a board in colored chalk (4) they said that this restaurant is best experienced during the day because of its beautiful view (5) Mixed grilled - Pork Ribs, shrimp & Fish (6) Calamares (7) Their dinner setting :)

For the last post in this series, I will be posting about Bukidnon and our rafting experience! Stay tuned! :)

Rocky Village, Yumbing
9100 Mambajao, Camiguin
0917 539 1622
0917 544 6311

Luna Ristorante
National highway, 
Mambajao, Camiguin

(088) 3879500