Weekend's Clickables

I'm excited to watch The Fault in the Stars in the big screen! Woot woot! Two of my friends and I are heading over to do just that this afternoon and it's one of those things that I'm silently rooting for because the book was just that goooood.

No pressure producers and everyone behind the movie, but please, please... don't screw this up.

Kidding! Not really. :P

Anyway, while I do that, here are some posts around the web that will keep you company for this weekend!

Patty's beautiful photos of Barcelona.

Are you an intro or extrovert? Here's a quiz.

Getting married soon? Here are practical tips from a Pinay friend who just got hitched last November.

Letting go? Or is it more apt to say, cutting out? A guy's POV on the matter. This guy is starting to be my virtual crush. *blush*

What do you think of Ms. Jones' jumpsuit? These photos are shot by Echo, amazing! I'll put Ms. Jones (or is it now Mrs. Rosales?) on fashion spotlight soon!

Since Manila has been bitten by Taylor Swift bug with her concert last night, here's a Swift medley by AJ Rafael and Tori Kelly.

... And since I have a dude's taste in music, I cannot NOT leave you with this 10-million-hits video of Tori with her Suit & Tie cover:

Happy weekend! :)


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