Super Selfie by Gab V.



You're probably thinking, "is this guy serious??"

Apparently, yes.

He definitely is!

I really had no idea what I was in for... but after watching one video, I just clicked on the next, then the next, until I clicked on Youtube's playlist to play ALL videos.

DON'T JUDGE ME! They're really entertaining!

Gab Valenciano's Super Selfies showcase his dance moves, facial expressions and loud outfits - and all these are killer combinations for entertainment.

Here is a video showing teens' reactions on his super selfies. It's interesting because the video talks about selfies in general, and do you know that the word "selfie" is now included in our Dictionary? Selfies are here to stay, but why did it become so popular in the first place and is that a good thing? Odba. You'll pick up something from the video, if only to be educated on selfies and these teenagers take on it :)

Anyway, Back to Gab V...

It's always nothing short of admirable to try our best-est best to be known for who we are and what's clear is how Gab breaks away from his dad's footsteps and passionately pursues his dream to make a mark on the other side of the world.

I hope he makes it big because he is a real entertainer :)

So in the words of his model-dancer-host fiancee, Tricia Centenera, "Go be awesome!" :)