I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hello! Happy Independence Day!

Days will be a little quieter in the house until Saturday because my two sisters are out of town for Victory's Singles Getaway! Yaaaaay for them! And yaaay for me also because I will be hogging their room while they're gone! HA! :)

I would've loved to join the getaway though but I need to behave myself as far as spending my vacation leaves and moolah in the next two months, because I have two upcoming trips! Woot woot!

The first one is on next week-- to a local destination -- and the second one is to two neighboring Asian countries <3

Maybe sometimes we take it for granted but freedom is a sweet, sweet thing.. and not just in the obviously-big way -- like we are now a free country, and not anymore chained with the Spanish colonization (what-is-araling-panlipunan) -- but also in the bigger sense that we are free to make our own choices and we can weigh options and seek the best, God's best for us.

Honestly, I am facing a crossroad right now and as scurrry as it gets sometimes, I am very thankful that there are the proverbial forks in the road popping out from time to time... because then, there are options for me to weigh. If the road just goes one way, it can get boring and there would be very little room for growth...

So here we gooo, we all need prayers and courage because crossroads are there to stay, and with it comes both challenge and growth. :)

Happy freedom day, everyone!

Photo credit: http://theboysareback.wordpress.com