It's Tuesday but I'm gonna put the spotlight on weekends. :)

I think weekends should be down there on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Every human being needs a rest -- a recharge, a Sabbath day.

Last Sunday was pretty crazy, but maybe that's because I am with two crazies (you know what they say about the same birds making a good feather duster ;)), Lori and Carmen.

This is what you call ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAD TRIIIP, literally skating through south riding almost all modes of transportation-- bus, taxi, MRT, tricycle and jeepney.

Weather was super sunny, but the upside to the sunshine-y skies is that we get to see the Taal Volcano clearly - no fog! It was a beautiful view (see top left photo below) and we also saw the 2Ne1 gang at Sky Ranch riding the Super Viking! Lol! Sandara was real pretty!

As for the 3 of us, we were super tired and sweaty by the end of the day but it was a fun day :)

Here is what my Sabbath day looked like:
Photos taken by the 3 of us, special thanks to Lori's monopod

So go ahead and take a breather! Be in the moment when the weekend comes! <3