Honoring Mom & Dad - by a Resident Brat

Izzz so hot lately! I am typing this in an air-conditioned room but I'm still a little heady from the humidity and scorching hot weather outside.

I hope you guys are holding up well :) Always carry a bottle of water with you to make sure you're hydrated. Odiba, spoken like girl with PhD. Haha! :D

Anyway, this week, my appreciation for having such great parents have grown and I usually find myself saying na super bait nila (they're super nice) when asked about them.

Like this week's dessert-biz episode in the name of mango float.

I did groceries last Tuesday and asked my mom to buy the mangoes. Since we just live near Farmer's market, they would volunteer to just buy them for me because as they say, "hindi ako marunong pumili nang maganda." (I don't know how to pick the good ones) haha! That sounds offensive, but really, they say it in a way that makes me feel like a kid again so I'm more than willing to give in to their mango-picking expertise.

So my mom bought them the next day and come Wednesday night, I was set to finish all 10 orders.

But when I cut open the mangoes, it was still pale and sour. I was a little irritated when I mumbled to my dad that it was still unripe... Not being able to finish all 10 orders that night means I have to finish making them the next day after our Bible Study in Ortigas (which would already be pretty late) and I have to bring them all on Friday morning from Cubao to Makati (and they're not light!).

Needless to say, having these unripe mangoes will ruin my schedule for the week. Seconds later, my mom came out, said sorry and said that she will just buy again tomorrow.

I felt irritated but then I also felt guilty for being irritated. So I said that it's okay.

I remember just recently my friends and I talked about our parents, and as they shared how they fought over something so menial, they turned to me to ask whether I have the same experience.. And I just said no, not because I am such an angel for a daughter (totally not the case) but because my parents are just extremely nice human beings!

So fast forward to this morning and it was crunch time for me to finish the orders in an hour's time. It was too hot last night to start peeling off mangoes when I came home so I resolved to wake up early the next day nalang. And we know what that means for a non-morning person, snooze button will be hit at 3x minimum.


Cut mangoes -> mix together with the cream --> add condensed milk --> layer in containers

... and as all these are happening, my dad was washing the containers, my mom have cut open the bag of graham crackers and both of them were asking what's next or whether I will do this or that... They're both being supportive and yet there were instances this morning that i dismiss their assistance and say ako na bahala...

The Bible tells us to always honor our parents. When we were little, we are called to submit and obey -- follow orders. Because we can hardly fend for ourselves, much lest decide for ourselves, a higher authority must be there for us to follow.

But eventually when we grow up and are now able to make our own decisions -- this word obey expands to "honor". The Bible tells us to honor our mom and dad, not necessarily to follow what they say, but continuously honor them despite and regardless.

My sisters and I are blessed to have such loving, supportive parents and yet honoring them doesn't come automatically, especially when it comes to me! My parents tell me that my mom had a hard time bearing me - and because I was doing extra somersaults in her tummy, she thought I was a boy! Haha! My mom would've thought that once I came out of her womb, all her hardships would go kapoof, but no... being the youngest, I was used to getting what I want all the time when I was little, although even now that I am in my 20s, the bunso syndrome still kicks in.

I am still quite the brat so this whole "honor your father and mother" commandment will always be a work in progress. It will always require a conscious effort on my part.

These past few months though, I am starting to be more showy on how much I appreciate them. What I try to do these days is to eat with them on weekdays for dinner when they meet up or plan something to get them on their birthdays and on special occasions. My love languages are time and gift so I hope that in some way, those little things make them know that I honor them. Of course the next challenge is to express this honor to them using their love language... Hmmm.. :)

And yes, we finished all orders of mango float this morning! Woot woot! :) Nakaraos din! Haha!

--- Very thankful for such great parents who stick it out with my stubborn syndrome. ;)

Fam pic taken about 4 years ago! :)

Exodus 20:12
“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you."