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There is one author who said that every writer has a voice.

When she asked the crowd what this voice means, a few answered that it's their writing style, others said that it's what they write about (topic, content, genre)... But minutes later, she said that it is the YOU in writing.

So it's the style, the topic, the theme, everything when you pick up a pen to write - that's your voice.

A semi melodramatic confession: These past few months, I feel like I lost that voice. sniff sniff.

That sounds a little way too emo, but I really felt that way. Pagbigyan nyo na ako. Haha!

Writing was one of those things that I don't really aspire to be anything out of. Like if you ask me, why do I write, the answer is not to be so that I will be a writer... but just because I like to write.

It is one of those things I do that I do just because I like doing it...

And that is a rare, rare thing. I mean, try thinking of something that you do, not for the end purpose of it, but just because of it. Period.

I think when we were kids, you could list down several of these things, but as we grow up, goals, outputs, deliverables, objectives and achievements almost always accompany everything that we do.

Like we work, so that we can get promoted, why do we want to get promoted, so that we will earn more, and why need to earn more? So we can provide for our family, so we can travel, so we can shop.

There was a time when I thought, hey why not try to earn money from writing... I could probably do that, get into this whole digital marketing thing and experience it firsthand. It was exciting, yes, and I have huge respect for people who have the discipline to write features left and right, that's a honed skill grounded on raw talent... and maybe that's their voice. But for me, when I started to look at writing as means for earning money, then that's when I start to lose the freehand on it. So my thought is this: earning from writing should just be an overflow of your love for it.

Losing that voice for a few months made me sad... but these days, I get excited again whenever I type. Oh hey, this is already my 4th post in a week! Wheeee! And that is most probably saying something :)

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I have actually changed my blog title and description above, instead of focusing on features peppered with personal chronicles on my walk, etc... it's now the other way around -- it's personal chronicles, rejoicing in everything and writing about it, just with featured inserts from time to time. :)

I read somewhere that "God doesn't want us to lose our passion... He wants us to direct it for His glory."

So I want this to be more of that, someone writing about how God is working in her life and rejoicing in EVERYTHING just as He commanded.

I am joyful while I write this... glad to have this voice back. :)

PS. That author who talked about the writer's voice was actually one of the speakers for a Belle de Jour event I attended 3 years ago! It was an event on fashion and writing with Tricia Gosingtian and Ana Santos. Will just post that old article for tomorrow's Throwback Thursday post :) Hopefully you'll get tips if you love writing too!