We Meet Thursdays

"You know I believe friendship is God’s greatest evidence of himself here on earth.  You know I believe everyone needs a home team: a go-to, show-up, middle of the night, come-in-without-knocking tribe that gets us through when things fall apart. You know I believe in circling the wagons—gathering your people around you to tell you the truth when all the voices out there are shouting bad news. And you know, of course, that I believe all this love and truth-telling and prayer and laughter happens best around the table." - Shauna Niequist, Why I love Thursday Nights

Upon reading those words, I just wanted to quickly cross post it on FB to holler to my Thursday group as if to say "thank you guys, this is exactly how I feel about Thursdays!" :)

You see, every Thursday is our small group night. We're 6 women, all coming from different backgrounds who come together for a few hours every week to talk about our faith, our walk, our lives -- practically, anything and everything under the sun.

We meet at Ortigas area, so we're practically holding stockholder status at Megamall and Shang rila. Lol! Good thing that every mall nowadays seems to be giving birth to a new wing, so there are always new eats to try, every time we meet. :)

Yesterday, my best friend asked me how we all came together... and then I started telling her how our high school friend Mary, is college friends with Val at DLSU, and then I met Ate Flo during college at Ateneo, then her maid of honor is Lai and they're both from UP, then Lai is cousins with Lei who works here in Manila but is from the lovely province of CDO, where Val is also from! 

Whew! I might as well have pointed her to a white wall and projected a diagram on how everyone just connected at one point eventually. That would have been easier, right? :) Yet it's also pretty amazing how everyone just seemed to be connected with everyone else...

And it is our hope that more people will meet with us on Thursdays. Whether you're a girl or a guy, Manila-raised or born from some faraway place, college grad or not, newly married or joyfully single... we'd love to learn about your happy-glorious moments, challenging-jeez-this-is-difficult episodes, milestone-coming-our-way seasons, and everything in-between.

Let's walk together in our faith -- how does Thursday, 7pm, sound? :)

If that's a yes, kindly get in touch with us by shooting me an email at tiffanyjoybuena@yahoo.com or messaging me on FB if we're friends on FB.

Hope to see you! :)

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