What to Pack on a Surfing Trip

Hello there! If you're planning to get on that surf board soon, whether it's at Baler, La Union, Siargao, Zambales or Hawaii (yehesss!), here are some items you may want to include in your beach bag.

Since surfing is quite a different sort of beach activity from the chill/party feel of Boracay or the quiet/serene vibe of Palawan or Bohol, a tougher set of beach clothes and things are essential.


Rash Guard
There are so many rash guards out there to choose from, you can go for the full-sleeved one like the one below, or a short-sleeved one like the second one:

It really depends on which one are you more comfortable in. Of course, others may want to don a bikini, and no judgment, really. In fact, there are a lot of surfer chicks out there who can pull it off. But as for me, I prefer the full sleeved rash guard because the water can be rough and I don't want anything riding up :) 

I'm no pro, just a newbie right here so the more secure the gear, the better for me. But why the full sleeved over the short sleeves? From a functional reason, now comes the more aesthetic one: to avoid shirt tan lines :P

Now, the next question is, what do you wear underneath? And what's your bottom? For the simpletons and those who can shell out more, Speedo has matchy-matchy surfing gears - complete with a tankini, bikini bottom and a rash guard:

Surf Walker

If you're a water activity aficionado, these aqua shoes will also come in handy because these babies are excellent companions not only when you're surfing, but also when you go snorkeling, diving and river trekking.

Flip flops are okay and going barefoot on the surfboards are fine (especially if the surfboard is lined with rubber as built-in grip), but these surf walkers provides extra security and protection for those feet :)

Waterproof/Sweat-Proof Sun Block
A tougher gear calls for a tougher sunblock like Aveeno's hydrosport sunblock spray. This one is both water proof and sweat proof so you don't have to keep reapplying for fear that what you applied 10 minutes ago is all gone! Eeeeeeep!

Plus, you can apply it with ease. I love sunblock sprays for its convenience.

Now when you're off the surf board, and just strolling the beach and the neighborhood, these colorful cover ups are still the beach-bummin' go-tos.

Don't the colors of these tank tops just spell summer?? :)

Sarongs are also excellent cover ups for chilly nights at the beach, or for spreading over the sand for that beautiful golden tan:

Beach Bag

... And to keep all these in place, plus you may want to add these other sunshine staples right here, you would need a beach bag --hopefully a water-proof one to keep those essentials dry and in perfect condition like this right here:

So there you have it, just some things to get you ready for that surfing trip! :)

PS. Just click on the photos to go their direct links if you're interested to know more about the products :)

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