Sunshine Staples

Summer is here! Yesterday, I walked the length of Makati and I must say that the sun was beating down so hard, it's kind of a love-hate relationship I have with its rays.

I can't help but feel all excited with my upcoming beach trips with this weather but THIS heat while you're in the city is not very cool (Lol, pun intended). 

Just being a brat here, wanting to have my own clouds in Manila and yet a sunny weather when I'm somewhere with seas and sands. Well, note to self: "you can't have it all, lady." :)

I still like the sun and I'm looking forward to telling you about my adventures in the next few months :)

I hope your calendars are also peppered with hearts and smiley faces jolting your faces to excitement with places to see and people to be with. :) Do you do that? Mark those vacays with happy emoticons or colorful legends as clear indication that adventurous days are up ahead?

Well here are some lovely summer companions that may help you get ready for that trip :)

Gorgeous Sunnies

2 Bright on bright 2-piece

Unbelievably Light sunblock

Musical Bamboos

Beach mat that repels sand??!

Pink flamingos under your feet

Aren't those just the cutest summer items?
Happy summer planning, lovelies! Be sure to stock up on the essentials! :) I'm bound for Baler next weekend! Remember how my first trip there was?