Soiree's new look!

A new look is fitting for a new year, and somewhere in Katipunan Avenue, a salon is sporting a fresh new look.

Say hello to the new Soiree Salon & Spa!

Yes, our friends from Soiree has just renovated their salon and reopened last week. From my previous post here and here, you can see how they were also the reason behind my different looks. And I am now typing this with a new look as well, but more about that on my next post :)

Going back to these guys, I'm very excited to give you a short tour of the place because it really looks lovely. :)

Upon entering, customers are welcomed with Soiree's new logo, a black and white signage in script--really classy and feminine! And those are prolly hundreds of nail polishes surrounding the logo, a nice play of colors serving as border to the new name.

There's also a painting of a woman beautifully resting on the left side. Hmm.. Is that one way of the salon saying: "Hey you, step inside for that much-needed R&R?" :)"

...and upon stepping inside, you will be greeted with this luxurious interior! Don't you just love that chandelier and the glamorous carpet? :)

Christine, the owner of Soiree chose yellow for the chairs to effortlessly brighten up the place. 

This is me trying out one of the sofas, and it's very comfortable! Oh yeahhh! Just modeling here as if it's my crib. #pagbigyan

And now, for the second floor. Tadaaaan!

This is where the hustle and bustle takes place!

More pretty hair and much-needed relaxation coming to the customers' way!
I love its new look! Congrats Soiree! Approved! :)