Passion Manila

Last Thursday morning, Ate Flo texted me to invite me to the Passion Manila concert that night. I have heard about it before but in the last two times that the group visited the Philippines, I wasn't able to go, and being the kaladkarin girl that I am, I immediately sent "gaaaaame!" :)

It was such a great thing to have--what for me--is the best seat in the house! We got Patron seats and I can really see the faces of David Crowder, Kristian Stanfill and Louie Giglio, and it's an amazing sight to behold.

I remember just standing there, and admiring these guys up there who are singing, praising and speaking for God's glory. They are right smack at the center of God's will, and that is exactly what every Christian's desire should be about.

Mash Up
One of the best parts of the concert was the mash up of the different sounds of the universe.

...and you just went, "did she just say mash up?" Are Christians allowed to do mash ups? Lol!

Yes, that is exactly what I said and that is precisely what Louie Giglio did. He started with this heavenly body that spins really fast in the universe and then played its sound. It sounded like a drum beat. Wow! I didn't know they create sounds, I thought they just circle their orbits and light up.

Then he followed this up with another heavenly body (sorry I don't really remember what they're called :P) that sounded like radio frequency. And you would have thought that all the elements of the galaxy would just sound the same, but they create unique sounds with their own rhythm and beat.

Then, it's time for the animals to shine..because then Giglio showed a video of whales and played their sound.

After playing all those 3 sounds individually, he started tinkering with his Ipad and mashing them up... the crowd starts clapping, following the beat and probably thinking, "hey this isn't  bad, in fact, this is starting to sound like a song... a song with lyrics like "Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God, You are higher than any other..."

And I kid you not, it was such a light bulb moment for everyone as the crowd got its groove on and started singing with the whales and the stars :) That sounded funky but that's exactly what happened :) And it's an amazing-kind of funky, as all of a sudden, the world started to be more than just how we see it everyday. The stars aren't just twinkling lights at night, the whales aren't just gigantic creatures in the ocean, and the sun don't just shine day in and day out... everything is happening.

This girl, Isa Garcia of Everyday Isa wrote it so eloquently in her post, "Everything is Everything." When you think that nothing is happening, in fact, everything is happening. The world is moving as it should, your body is functioning ever so loyally just to keep you alive and breathing. You don't have to will it to move, it just does. Everything is happening. Yet, most often time, we miss it. We forget. We lose sight of its beauty.

This week I have been side tracked on the more important and the truly beautiful things... and God is amazing on how unexpected invites jolt you into a realization that "yes, you my dear, are being side tracked from My glory."

You don't need to be taking drugs or getting drunk in wild parties to be side tracked from Him.

It can be as seemingly harmless as grabbing your phones and tablets over the Bible which sits on the bedside table, and spend hours browsing news feeds and being too tired to crack open the book that holds truth and light to your life.

It can be as seemingly selfless as working long hours in the office, feeding your baby, taking care of your family and even doing the church's work... then being burnt out by the end of the day and saying that you're too busy to pray.

It can be as seemingly normal as worrying and being too caught up with the situation at hand, that you fail to look to Him for confidence and saving.

... and yet, in all these constant push and pull of ourselves from Him, we have an amazing God who knows us by name, and who knows exactly what we need. He is the same God who invites us every time to be a part of His beautiful symphony.

He is the same God who invites us to be a part of the everything He wonderfully wove and created. :)

Quite a big bunch of Passion Manila goers, eh? I'm somewhere there haha! :)