Raintree Teapresso Blends: Sweet Fix

Hey lovelies!

How about some sweet fix in the name of tea and french macarons?

Milk tea has taken the country by storm years ago and has proven to the tea cynics that this previously-coined foodie trend is here to stay... But while french macarons are somewhat dessert newbies in the local scene, they have gained quite a following with the dessert-loving crowd with its sweet+salty balance and crunch+chewy texture.

Combined, these two can give other famed sweets a  run for their money. That, I learned minutes after opening the door to Raintree Teapresso Blends yesterday. :)

Raintree TeaPresso Blends
Its colorful and warm signage sure has beckoned a lot of passersby and I wasn't an exception. I visited this place once or twice years ago and I am happy that they're still in business... and not only that, they also opened up Raintree Confectionery, which serves special french macarons in a wide flavor selection. Yummmm!

They were tons of flavors to choose from including Nutella, Dark Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry, Pistachio, Apple Cinnamon and more! :)

I wanted to try everything! But lest I wanted to be diagnosed with diabetes the day after, I knew I had to behave myself and pick a few. So I asked the girl at the counter for their bestsellers and she mentioned these 3: Pistachio, Red Velvet and Salted Caramel. Well, works for me!

(Pistachio, Salted Caramel & Red Velvet)

My fave of the 3 is pistachio! Although the two are also pretty gooood! And for just P35 each, these babies are quite a steal!

Macarons look a lot like mini ice cream sandwiches, don't you think? But instead of the cool flavor hitting your tastebuds from that first bite, you find yourself pondering for a bit what the cream inside tastes like. Ice cream is almost always sweet, but every macaron's cream has a different taste to tell from all the other flavors.

While pistaccio's cream is a combination of nutty and sweet, the red velvet's tastes like cream cheese, and the salted caramel was like being hit by saltines and a little dose of sweetness that end up smooth to the tongue.

I think I could eat 1 dozen of these cute delights in one sitting and call it a good day. Lol! :)

Of course, I ate these with one of their milk tea -- the Raintree Special (50% sweetness).

Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with this tea, whoops! Maybe because it's a little bitter? I am the winter melon-loving kind of tea drinker, so I like my tea on the sweet side... That, and I am a fan of the classic hot teas, like oolong, earl grey and chai :) But I'd be happy to try their other tea items in the near future :)

What about the store's ambience, you ask. Here's a quick look at their store:

Would you believe that they serve Angus Beef rice meals? These are prolly for the dudes who want their manly meals too! :) And they also serve paninis, pasta, cupcakes, and yezzzz, even crough-nuts!

The place is small yet cozy, it's the place that you just want to hang out with and chill with your friends for a night cap. There's wifi and homey couches. I had to whip out my planner and notebook as I jot down notes here and there. Yes, it's a pretty quiet place, perfect for reading a book or finishing that report that was due last week! lol!

Lovely tea cups and a quote on the benefits of tea helped decorate the store :)

Looks sweet, right? :) So whether you're looking for a quickie sweet fix or you just want a place to relax, head on over to Raintree Teapresso Blends. As for me, I'm already planning my next visit here to get my hands on those other-flavored macarons and take some lots home with me! :D

Raintree Treepresso Blends
141 Katipunan Ave., St. Ignatius Village, 
Quezon City

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