A Day with a Make Up Artist

You may see me as a kikay girl, but I am practically clueless as far as make up is concerned.

I have always been fascinated with people who can do eye make up. How I wish I could do those smokey eyes without looking like raccoon and without finishing off all the dark-colored eye shadows.

So lo and behold, a few weeks ago, I was able to watch how make up artists spring into action as they take out their palettes to create a masterpiece with the face as their canvas.

And I kid you not, they seriously have palettes--like painter-kind of palettes :)

So when Faye asked me if I could be one her models for her class at Center for Aesthetic Studies months ago, I said yes and said that if ever a weekend schedule opens up, I'd be happy to do it.

Fast forward to that fateful Sunday, and I was running late (oh geez.), and if you were to zoom out the scene, you'd see a girl walking briskly along Jupiter Street in Makati, watching out for the building that has the most sophisticated name on it: Franck Provost. I took a stab and asked a jeepney driver and barker about this building, but I received blank stares :P So I went and walked the entire length of Jupiter Street and when I realized that my feet aren't going to get me there fast enough, I took a cab until I saw it. Finally! Franck Provost in big black letters.

"Here" I texted Faye. Whew! She was still finishing up on her other female model, Trisha, so I sat myself on one of the chairs then started snapping photos of the place.

Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS)

CAS is a TESDA recognized school that provides learning opportunities outside the traditional learning environment. 

... And the field that they specialize in? Cosmetology.

Their mission plastered on the staircase that leads students--and in my case, visitors--on the 2nd floor says it clearly: They empower individuals through alternative education to ultimately uplift lives.

As I scan my eyes over the list of their services, I didn't realize there were so many programs to specialize in when one speaks of cosmetology:
Which ones are you most interested in? :) As for me, I think it'd be nice to take up Basic Make Up and the Basic Hair Up-style.... Hmm... Maybe next time when I have more free time and moolah to go with it. :)

Make up Artists, ready?
So after being usi looking around the place, Faye called me in for my turn.

It was super crunch time for her and the rest of the students, since they all had to finish 7 looks from 10am-5pm. If they didn't finish, they have to do everything again! Waaaaah! It was almost 2pm when I took my turn and she still has to finish 6 looks! Talk about pressure. I was also feeling a little bit apprehensive for her but I just kept encouraging her and I keep myself from asking her questions because I know she has to FOCUS.

See the palette on the left? ;)

The 7 looks include the Evening Look, Avant Garde, the No Make up Look and Bridal Look.

She said that she will be doing the "No Make-Up Look" and the "Bridal Look" on me.

That's young Faye in black and her other female model, Trisha, on the right :)

First Look
After about 20 minutes of putting on moisturizer, then the right shade of foundation on my face, Faye did the basics on my eyes just to make it pop naturally - which means using an eyelash curler and putting eyeliner!

No mascara for the no-make up look!

 Here it is! Tadaaaan! I like that my face looks fresh and alive :)

After every look, the models were asked to go to the photo-shoot room. The photos were to be used to evaluate each look (so I guess there were several close up shots?) and for the students to use it as instant material for their portfolio. I'll try to post those photos here once Faye gets them, I'm pretty excited to see them as well! :)

Second look
For the bridal look, colors and finish should be leaning towards classy and smooth -- which apparently means no glitters, shimmer or what-have-you. Simply put, it's a play of nude colors and matte look. Tip: If you want a matte look for your lips, you can just dab powder on your lips after putting on any shiny type of lipstick!

Also, invest in those mini eyelash curlers that would curl even the inner corners of your lashes :) And when you press, press it slightly in a 45 degree angle for a more natural curl. Honestly, I am a little afraid of eyelash curlers because they're kind of painful especially when I have stick-straight stubborn lashes. Lol! But yep, no pain, no gain, baby.

After the eyelash curler, now it's time to put on mascara and eyeliner to define the eyes all the more. And of course, a little blush! And here it is!

I put my hair up and I also brought pearl earrings to go with the look. I borrowed the dress from Faye and during the photo-shoot, I even had a small bouquet and veil to go with it! I hope the photos turned out great! Getting more excited to see them now! :P

So there! It was a pretty great experience :) I'd love to do it again when another opportunity comes along. What I like about how Faye did my make up was that it's just all so natural and fresh. Like I wouldn't be embarrassed to go out in the day and chat up with people because I look different and the make up turned out a bit too thick for my taste.

I still look like myself and I guess that's the main purpose of any cosmetics, right? It's just there to enhance what you already have.

I'm quite proud of Faye and on the way home, she talked about wanting to do people's make up eventually for events. (I'll keep you girls updated when she's ready to take in clients) I think she'd be great at it! So here's to you dear! You're well on your way to being an amazing make up artist!

Center for Aesthetic Studies
2/F Franck Provost Building
120 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City
632-8970383 / 8970307

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