Throwback Thursday: Sweet Little Things

Time for a time warp post! :) I'm going back to making desserts lately -- but just the quick ones -- like the mango float and I'm experimenting in making something chocolate-y too... I love it, sometimes I get too excited in tasting whatever it is I whipped up that the kitchen area becomes a helluva mess. Lol! Sorry! I hope my dad sees the passion behind all the cartons of cream, wafer crumbs and condensed milk drips on the table. :P Anyway, my love affair for dessert experiments dates back to almost 4 years ago when I started selling my sister's chockies. Yes. chockies. Guess what those are? 
Throwback Thursday: Sweet Little Things
Posted on Sept 29, 2010

So I tried making something sweet this week. Literally.

I have been selling my sister's chockies (peanut butter oatmeal that's a cross between a chocolate and a cookie because of its texture and taste) this past month to my friends and I was able to sell around 50! So I thought, why not try experimenting to be able to create something new to sell? And anyway, I can't always be selling the same thing to people, they are gonna get sick of it eventually.

Thus, the birth of oreo and mocha cheesecake balls! My block mate of a friend/business partner (haha!), Bett, suggested the recipe to me and I have been crushing oreos and mocha, mixing them with much gusto, and having some of her office mates taste them. So now, I am back in business!

Oreo Kisses
the inspiration for the oreo cheesecake balls

I had a few orders and I have a couple of upcoming ones this week, and I am just glad to be doing something new and to be pushing myself to earn money by setting up something on my own. :D

I have always been shy of selling anything... As in, anything. I think the last time I tried selling something was back in grade school when I would sell these colorful, plastic charms for nylon-made bracelets and necklaces to my classmates. I don't know why I even did it in the first place, haha! I think I was making them during school hours and my classmates got interested, and voila! Next thing I knew, I was passing around these plastic charms around the classroom and collecting money from people.

So since then, I don't remember channeling that business-minded side of me that is still a long way from being fully developed as we speak. When I see some of my Chinese classmates cooked up something on their own to earn money like join bazaars and sell their baked goodies to us, I can only wonder where that side of me has gone.

I have always wanted to set up my own business in the future, particularly a restaurant because I love to eat! I am not at all good at cooking. That's why yesterday's episode in the house as I try to make chockies on my own (since my sister's on duty) and these cheesecake balls, was definitely something of a challenge. There were a lot of boo-boos on my part, such as burning the chocolate I was melting--because I got caught up in texting, nonetheless--and adding a little water to the melted white chocolate in hopes of making it thinner. Wrong move, because it made it more clumpy. Needless to say, there were some wasted ingredients and those finished products that did not pass the "quality control" ended up in my mouth at the end of the day. But I am still quite proud of myself, especially for inventing the mocha balls that got an approval from Bett's officemates this morning. Yahoo! So now, I am thinking of making something different.

I guess in business, there are unspoken rules. It is only when you get into it that you'll learn these rules for yourself. Like the trust between the supplier, the distributor and the customer is something earned over time. That the 4 Ps in marketing is something substantial, just as the strategies of differentiation and positioning can be keys to creating a niche market. It's nice to be verifying these theories you learn in classroom as you dive into the real world. And I have found appreciation in learning that these theories are more than just that, and are in fact applied outside the school.

I was talking to my friend yesterday and we got into the discussion of being wiser, better and stronger... I guess since my birthday is just around the corner (shameless plug, haha), I would want to know that I have grown in the past year. And what better way to do that than by stretching yourself and doing something you have been planning on in the future but have never really gotten around it. 

More than selling these sweets with a twist, as I would like to call it, I pray that I am becoming more courageous in diving into new ventures and making my wish for tomorrow something real today.

So... anyone care for something sweet?