Photo Quote of the Day

Good morning!

I was off social media for a good 5 days and now I am back :) Did you miss me? Haha! #feeling

5-day fasting is done for the start of the year, so I can eat solids again. Yipee! It was real funny actually, because out of the 5 days, I had to attend 3 birthday gatherings, so bye bye Greenwich, Amber's and Buddy's foodie feast :(

I cringed a little when my office mates were happily munching on the pansit habhab at Buddy's because it looked really good... but it's okay, I know it's going to be worth it and a commitment is a commitment.

Liquid fast for five days. No turning back.

I don't think that God was laughing at me as He watches me from above, although He may be resisting a smile (Ha!)... but those gatherings mean that there are more people, and more people means a bigger opportunity to tell about what this fast is about and why we do this :)

Because for a girl who has a healthy appetite to suddenly be seen sipping soup or drinking juice, something is obviously amiss... and when something is amiss, questions start to roll in.

I hope that you were able to write your faith goals for the year. I completed mine on the Eve of Fasting and I have 11 items on it... but during fasting, God revealed certain things to me that I will be adding on the list. So it's a work-in-progress list.

Don't feel shy on adding items on the list, and be brave and honest when you feel that God is telling you to take out certain items.

Also, be expectant while reviewing your list on a regular basis. Write it on a piece of paper that would require you to always see it (so it may be a good idea to pin it on your planner or Bible) because you have to watch how God is answering those prayers, because being the forgetful people that we are, we sometimes lose sight of these goals...

So there you have it, just a quick update :) Do shape up those faith goals and watch Him move.

... And since it's the weekend, I leave you with this photo quote.

Happy Sunday, loves!