Happy New Year (better-late-than-never)!

I am 5 days late, but hey, happy New Year!!! *fireworks! clapping!*

I thought of giving an ode to 2013 to properly end the year, but I thought I'll just dive right into 2014 :P

A friend asked me at the tail end of the year how has 2013 been for me, and it took me awhile to answer. Gather thoughts, quick!

I haven't thought about it until then but I said that it was the year that I think God is telling me to be still and just enjoy Him.

A few weeks later, I remember telling two of my girl friends that 2013 was the year that I was reminded what really matters most in life. I think for the first half, I was side tracked and distracted...

2013 started really great for us Filipinos, right? The investment grade rating that we received, the upsurge in our economy's performance placed a lot of hope and giddy excitement in our hearts -- one that looks forward to what is in store for the country.

Then the last few months of the year, calamities and accidents happened one after the other that just catches us in wonder on what is going on, and what could God possibly be telling us with all these unfortunate events.

... when we are just about to pick ourselves up from one tragedy, another one just knocks us down all over again.

What is going on?

There were many days during that time that I just thank God for allowing me and my family to be safe and healthy.

And for 2013, I am most thankful for that -- that He kept us in His hands and protected us. Its seemingly so basic -- security and protection -- but contrasting it to what was going on around us at that time, it doesn't seem so basic, i started to see it as a blessing :)

This 2014, I am just about to finalize my Top 10 Impossible Things that I am believing God for the year. This is like the pre-activity before we go on the annual Prayer and Fasting (do join us! Click here for the video and manuals :D) I have 6 things on the list so far, so 4 more to go! :)

I am a little apprehensive about going into fasting this year because it's crunch time at work and sometimes when it gets a little challenging, my office mates and I would take a breather by munching on yummy and fat-laden food... So taking that out of the picture would mean a lot of prayers and reliance on Him to sustain me all through out the week.. which is the point exactly of fasting. :P But yeah, I have to stop worrying and trust all the more.

There are so many things that God is revealing to me about myself that I really want to change, and I hope that this year, He will change and mold me to be a better person.

Something tells me that 2014 is about sowing and reaping for me and my family, and that excites me. :)

PS. And I said I wasn't writing an ode to 2013. Lol. :P Happy 2014 everyone!

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