Let it Travel to Your Heart

I missed this space!

Now back to writing and updating you guys :) Yes, yes, yes, we have heard it all before, busyness that kept me at bay from this lovely space, but no excuses... I will try to get back on this "horse" on a more regular basis. Amen? Amen!

THAT reflective
Honestly, I am learning a lot these past few weeks and one of which is confronting with the fact that I may not be maximizing my voice exactly for His glory. We just got back from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training by Stephen Covey and it made me come face to face with questions about my personal mission, values, etc.

Because truly, in order to be more effective, you have to first pin down what is it really that you are called to do, and focus on that one thing.

I didn't expect the training was going to be THAT reflective, lol! One person even commented that it could be like reflection time back in high school. And it was! :))

Where did that reflective girl go???
I remember that there were moments during the training that I became a little restless that I just want to go home... because all of a sudden, I wasn't used to all these reflections anymore. And believe me, back in college, I am the type who would seriously answer questions like "what is the meaning of life" and the "problem of evil in the world" during lunchtime at the college cafeteria.

You may have felt the same way too... that back in college, mulling over a thought or two was something that comes naturally for you, especially with years of taking up Theology and Philosophy that wired your minds to tackle tough questions head-on.

Ironically, as adults, we have little time to sit with our own thoughts and assess where we are or where we want to be.

But instead -- and I am guilty of this -- we just merely react to things that come, instead of deliberately moving toward one direction, that we end up burned out and tired.

Mind -> Heart -> Hands
When we do things, we do it from our minds and straight to our hands... we become too busy to let the instruction travel from our minds to our hearts before putting it into action by our hands. But it is when we let it travel to our hearts that we have more drive to do it or come to a decision to not do it, especially when the instruction doesn't resonate with our values and our overall purpose in life.

So we ended up doing everything, and this everything eats up our energy that we feel victimized by our own actions.

Find purpose? Naaah...
One thing that struck me during the training is that we detect our purpose, and that we don't find our purpose. Being the God of details, He must have already given us enough hints with our talents, skills, experiences and challenges in the past so-and-so years of our existence, that we just have to trace back and observe how He is weaving our lives with our hearts and minds.

We don't start from scratch, we just observe and take heed because He is directing our paths.

Because as the world gets increasingly complex by the day, the need to go back to the simple things grows even stronger...

So I know that those 3 days of training of going back to the basics were necessary, albeit being a little tough on the insides.

So I hope that as we usher in the holidays, we also take time to connect with our own lives and not just connect with everyone else around us. Because it is when we feel and are completely whole that we also have more of our selves to bless and give to other people. :)