Christmas crunch time is upon us! Exchange gifts here, Christmas reunions there, the never-ending last minute Christmas shopping and Yuletide decorations everywhere...

There's no denying that the holiday season is here! I know that this last quarter hasn't been exactly great for the Philippines :( But if anything, I think it gave us more opportunities to be centered on others and lift others in prayer to God. It even made us think twice before posting anything remotely giddy on Facebook or Instagram... Admit it, you felt guilty and just decided to post your foodie trips a week after Yolanda hit us.. :P Hehe! Many companies waived their Christmas parties to donate their budget to the victims. Many celebrities and hotshots all over the world have extended their hands to help our country. Even Justin Bieber came all the way to Tacloban to put a smile on the locals' faces. (Kudos to you JB!)

So I dare say that we are now better, stronger and more other-centered.

But yesss, it's okay to celebrate in our own way and look around with that feeling of appreciation to what we have despite the situation that our country is in.

Just like what I picked up from one of meetings with our partner yesterday, "we don't have much to be happy about, but we have some things to be thankful for."

So enjoy and have fun :) Keep calm and let's celebrate with our loved ones. :)