Best Kind of Friendship

Just weeks before my best friend, Ja, is to walk down the aisle, I thought I'd invite her for a quick lunch for our BFF brownie points. It was supposed to be a casual cook-in, because.. and this next statement will surprise you as much as me: I miss cooking! Or at least whipping up something edible, lol!

Maybe more about that rekindled frustration on cooking on my next posts, but for today, allow me to just say a piece about the best kind of friendship :)

The best kind of friendships are:
  • the ones that grow with you -- who had been with you through the bawling-your-eyes-out times to celebrating jump-for-joy moments
  • those that saw you with your pigtails on and teenage-braces years
  • those that give you encouraging letters-- from hand drawn ones, to birthday cards, to text messages and emails
  • those that don't require you to talk to each other every day to make you feel that you're close
  • ...but when you do get to talk to each other, it feels like nothing has changed, and you can still feel like your old self
  • those that live on despite the widening distance and different time zones
  • those who pushes you to be better
  • those that draw you closer to God by speaking the truth, even though the truth hurts sometimes
  • those where silences are not awkward, but comfortable
  • those that make you feel braver with life because you just know that they're there to stay no matter what
If you have the kind of friendship that I am describing above then you're super blessed! I know I am! So to my best friend of 20 years (yep it has been that loooong!) you're going to be a great wife and mom because you have such excellent faith and love for the Lord. And thanks for rubbing off on me in a good way. ;)

I love you to bits!