Read Fave: Top 7 Reading List

There are curl-up worthy books that you just want to bury with under the covers... then there are the click-worthy blogs with thoughts, fads and raves meant to be consumed while sitting in front of the computer or with your mobile devices.

So I thought I'd give the latter ones the spotlight they deserve: here are some blogs and websites I have been happily visiting lately :) Click, read and bookmark away, loves!

1. Shauna Niequist

Words come so easy for some people and Shauna's words are reflective, meaningful and resonates well with those feelings that you sometimes don't even know existed.

Sometimes when I read her posts, I just wanted to say, "That's me! I know exactly what that feels like!" Well, I guess, that's what makes a great writer, right?

Author of 3 books -- one specializing in cooking and hosting parties, and the other two celebrating the bittersweet and the extraordinary moments of life-- Shauna is also the mother of 2 boys and a lover of 1 God. Those are the numbers that this amazing woman lives and writes about.

2. Lauren Conrad

If you ask me who are my style icons, I would've answered Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad. While Rachel has clearly got that spunk and sexy cuteness, Conrad has the class and elegance.

Her fashion sense, combined with her knack for writing (yep! She authored the L.A. Candy series for the young adults), and her countless connections, makes her blog more than just a blog, really... it's actually a website! It's a digital platform brimming with so many ideas and information for the girlies of today.

From cooking, to fashion, food, craft and books, LC's website is a melting pot of brilliant ideas of the contributors who specializes in their respective fields. Talk about website versatility and personality. Kudos LC!

3. Aaron Niequist

 aaron niequist blog

Okay, so I am fan of the couple. Who wouldn't be? These two are powerhouses in their own right. While Shauna's outlet for her creativity is expressing it through words, Aaron communicates through music.

I like how he always goes back to what the church should be about and how he reminds Christians to go back to the center -- which is Christ. Stripping down religion to its core, Christiantiy is first and foremost an inclusive and all-encompassing love of Christ.

4. Apartment 34

 apartment 34 blog

Want to make your house feel like the warmy-fuzzy kind of home? Well, head on over to Apartment 34 "where style lives happily after." With topics like decors, fashion, food, travel and shopping, this site adds an air of sophistication to all things which can be style-worthy.

5. Everyday Isa
Everyday Isa is like listening and talking to your most trusted friend. Isa writes with depth and meaning that talks to women on how true beauty is on the inside.

When I read her posts, I know she is helping women out there celebrate differences and uniqueness.

Such is a girl power.

6. Kryz Uy
 kryz uy blog

Been a fan of this girl for years now. Her friendly tone and her talent for making anything thrown together look amazing and fashionable is just nothing short of admirable.

Stepping out of her usual fashion posts, she now started documenting foodie posts... and yes, she has travel write ups too. Yaaay!

7. Dessert Comes First

 lori baltazar blog

When Lori Baltazar describes food, she describes it in a way that makes you feel like you have feasted and taken a bite yourself.

Her precision with words and her unabashed opinions make her posts real and honest. So whether it's an invited feature or she just happened to drop by  one of the newest restaurants in town, she will really say her piece on that dish in front of her -- the highlights and the lowlights.

So there you have it! Just a short rundown of my reading list! I hope to stumble upon more great minds in the digital space, and feel free to tell me what your reading list look like :)

Ciao for now!

PS. Just click on the photo for each blog to direct you to their sites :)

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