Fashion Spotlight: Little Carrie Bradshaw

With the new Carrie Diaries show, chronicling the life of Carrie Bradshaw from the hit TV series, Sex and the City, comes the flashback of all things 80s -- most particularly the characters' fashion sense.

So for this fashion post, I'd like to put the spotlight on the small Carrie with her undeniably big fashion play, as a high school girl played by actress, Anna Sophia Robb.

These are some favorites! Scroll down and see!

Denim over Dress

I love the washed-out look of the outfit above--with the colorful knee-length semi-ballooned dress, paired with faded denim jacket and nude peep toes, our mini Carrie looks every bit playful and cute, don't you think? And you can even create your own version of this outfit with some closet staples: a colorful skater skirt, white spandex top, paired with your own pumps and denim jacket, then voila, you'll be channeling Carrie's fashion vibe in no time!

Another one of her denim-over-dress look is the the outfit above that looks like she is just strutting down the catwalk down the NY street: Vintage prom dress, apple-green cropped denim jacket, black leather purse, and yes... those are Manolo Blahniks on her feet! Way to complete the look with those heels, Ms. Bradshaw!

Now if you want to keep the outfit all-girly, you can opt to take Carrie's lead with the look above. Donning a printed cardi over a silver dress and playing it up with neon orange pumps and belt, the fashion is all about flashback pretty and girly straight from the 80's!

Spot the bag!
The signature piece of the show's first season was this Carrie handbag that followed Carrie in the show as she landed an internship at Interview magazine. So let's take a look on how this piece played a part on her OJT outfits that look so polished, immaculate and still-very-much stylish.

Trench coat, scarf and pumps may be your ordinary office outfit, but what made this look interesting is the play of colors and prints. Our little Carrie is all about color blocking and the outfit above combines leopard prints with candy pink and royal blue colors! She looks so put-together here, I love! 

I guess the key to putting together a work outfit is balance, combining prints with solid colors! A long-sleeved floral top tucked in a high-waisted pair of... uhmmm... are those shorts or skirt? Lol! I am not sure but I am hoping it's the former one just for the added surprise, because who wears shorts to the office right? And don't forget the Carrie handbag, candy pink bracelet and the slim belt for the brownie points of this look!

A preppy school girl top and colorful coat may just be the next thing you need to put a little oomph to that A-line black skirt that you own. What do you think? :)

Party Outfits
Of course, let's not forget Carrie's party outfits, whether it's the prom, a night out with her boss, or a Thanksgiving dinner, she surprisingly keeps her dresses simple, with unique details like lowback, lacey bows and cut out neckline.

How sexily pretty is this dress? Now if you're not a fan of pink, you can picture this in white, black or silver gray for a more mature look. Riiiight? It works! And I love the lowback detail which made the look more youthful paired with the lace and sheer material.

Slim-belted cut out dress paired with plum colored leggings! Carrie wore this on their Thanksgiving dinner episode and I like the necklace which fell just perfectly on her cut out neckline. I think this looks really good for the curvy girlies out there because the cut of this dress is made to show off those curves :)

So what do you think of our little Carrie's fashion style? I particularly like her Interview outfits and her dresses! Her other outfits are a little too colorful for me though, but I can definitely get inspiration from her lovely and chirpy pieces!

Til the next fashion spotlight post! :)

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