Dashing to the Great and Happy

My appetite has been growing and growing lately, that my officemates seemed to have noticed it too.

One time was when we threw a baby shower for Rhea at Amici, in which I kept asking from the other side of the table to "please pass" me the seafood pasta, the tutta carne and the other dishes from their side. And on and on I tasted and munched, quietly devouring the elements piled on my plate, as they talked about motherhood and wifeydom.

... must be because I have no experience to share to the table, that I gladly resolved my spot on the far right corner -- the girl with the healthy appetite -- eating with much gusto with every bite.

The other time was just two days after, when I attended Cathy's wedding, and the mango sago was served almost at the same time as the chinese noodles... so when everyone else at the table was diving into the sweet dessert, ignoring the "pancit", I decided that I was at least going to give the noodles the attention it deserved.

After eating the noodles, Bett's boyfriend -- yes, the one with high-level testosterone who was supposed to be downing more carbs than yours truly -- asked " Joy, masarap ba yung pancit?" Siya pa talaga ang nagtanong dba? haha! To which I nodded with "Oo," then moved next to my mango sago.

A growing girl, most definitely. And the worrisome part about it is that my gym voucher has already expired two months ago. Sooooo.... exercise is beckoning me! And regular doses of it.

Okay, duly noted, world! So that's why I am contemplating in joining Race for Life! Ta-daaaan! If ever, this will be my first time to join this annual event and my second time to do a fun run.

The first time was when I signed up for Nature Valley's fun run around 3 years ago (I think) for 10km! Lol! I am so courageous sometimes it's bordering on craziness. There was seriously a moment when I had to ask myself if I can still make it to the next km, and that moment was when I just finished the 1km, so there were 9km more to go! Hahaha!

But I managed to finish it, yaaaaay! And it was a great feeling! So match that with the feeling of helping others make it to their dreams and you got yourself 10x greater and happier feeling -- Race for Life :)

So hope to see you there! I hope to see myself there too! (Ms. Willpower, please win over Mr. Laziness!)

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