Bridal Shower Pit Stops

October weekends are turning out to be really fun J Like two Saturdays ago, we threw a bridal shower for my college friend, Cathy. Her requests were just 3 things: (1) No stripper (was that a disappointed grunt I just heard from you? Lol!) (2) Sabaw fun! (3) and reminiscent of our college days (so I guess this one was already referring to #2)

So what her maid of honor, Steph, planned was a girls day out/sleepover that constituted stuffing our faces with all things yummy and sweet, a little naughty sexy trip at La Senza to pick up something naughty and sexy (jeez, that was redundant), and a pamper me fix at St. Nails, for a halo-ed experience at their branch in Makati.

Milky and Sunny
We had lunch at this cozy place in Kapitolyo, Pasig called Milky and Sunny. When I got there, they had Cathy wear a sash with “bride to be” written on it and a tiara in which she would have to go around the whole day wearing.

She didn’t have any idea on what the day will bring so she was pretty much thrown into this whole sash-and-tiara-wearing dare blindly. Haha!

She got a couple of congratulations from strangers with that fun stint. So yaaaaaay! Mission accomplished! I am not sure if I will be ever be as brave!

The cute resto has positive vibes posted all over its wall and even the menu holds breakfast items that are reasonably priced and comforting. It’s definitely a place I’d go back to try their other selections. For this firstimer though, I tried their breakfast platter complete with hashbrown, bacon, spam, corned beef and toast. Yummmm!

Next stop was a dessert nook just right next door named Epic. While Milky and Sunny has “Sunday morning” written all over its interior, this one has more of “a day at the country side” vibe going with its wooden floorboards and chairs. They have lattes, pastries and ice cream -- perfect for a cap off to a hearty meal.

As we dig in to our own sweet fix-ins, we brainstormed on ideas on Cathy’s last-minute wedding details. She is getting married in less than two weeks! Wooohoooo! Super lapit naaaa! So with all the excitement, comes the polishing of small details. We just hoped we were able to contribute in making the wedding more unique and lovely.

We have been friends for 8 years and counting. I didn't realize it had been that looooong na pala! So with all the thesis hullabaloo, the group projects that we lost slept over and the changes in the relationship statuses over the years, it’s a great experience to come together and be part of a milestone in each other’s lives.

We’re actually six in the group, we’re missing April in this Manila pack. Speaking of milestones, she now lives with her husband and her cute kiddo in the US. So if you’re reading this lovely, we’re missing you a lot! *insert sad and smiley face here*

La Senza
By now, we’re already quite full and needed to burn some calories and so we trooped over to La Senza to help pick out a gift for Cathy.

It’s actually fun picking with the bride to be!

Just a side note on the store, they have pretty good underwear and not just lingerie. Hehe! So you don’t have to cover your face everytime you go here just to pick out a bridal shower gift to a dear friend, twice a year, at the most. You can actually go buy your everyday undies here. It’s just a little pricey though but they have happy hour and sale from time to time, so just keep your eye out on those J

Karen’s Kitchen
After an hour at the mall, nagutom na daw kami so kain ulit! Haha! There’s always room for dessert naman dibaaaaa… Most especially when it’s Karen’s Kitchen’s Xanadu!

It was my first time to try this dessert and it was really heaven! There were a lot of things going on with this cake—mousse, crust, whipped icing, frosting—which came together perfectly. Xanadu is a must try and is definitely one for the dessert books this year.

St. Nails
After a yummy treat for our tummies, we head on over to St. Nails for some much-awaited pampering! I know some of you must have already heard about this nail spa, just as I saw their FB page and their other promotions online and I got immediately curious. The interior looks real cute and cozy. So weeks ago, I talked to Ms. Carol of St. Nails if she would have us over as part of the bridal shower celebration and she graciously agreed. Woot woot!

She prepared teas and chocolate lollies together with a  pamper me treat for the 5 of us. We had the pamper-me-now package which was their signature service: a hand and foot bliss packaged with manicure and pedicure.

What was impressive was their overwhelmingly wide selection of nail polishes to choose from. Out of all the nail spas I have tried, their selection was the widest. And they had it on finger nail palettes which made it easier to compare and pick. We took awhile deciding which polish to go for but I chose this Orly aqua green glittered polish just because it look so Christmas-sy with its frosty look. 

The pamper-me-now package was complete with a soak, scrub, mask, cleaning and  nail polish that left my arms and feet soft and smooth. While waiting, they also propped us with herbal pillows for our necks, which was relaxing and soothing.

What makes St. Nails a halo-ed experience is that they actually support Gawad Kalinga, so you’re not only being good to yourself, but you are also able to help others.

Along with other things that they have up on their sleeves, St. Nails will also come up with sparty packages for all girlies very soon! Thanks St. Nails!

After getting our nail-pretty fix, it was time for the sleepover and girly bonding! Back in college, we do this quite a lot so this was the chill-and-chat over signature college food.  For this part of the celebration we had KFC bucket meal, California maki platter, seafood roll and chocolate cake!


It was a simple yet fun celebration! So here’s to you dear Cathy as you go off to the world of wifeyhood! J

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    Daily Hours: 7am-10pm

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G/F NFB Building (Petron Gas Station),
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