Baler Snapshots

I can't believe it's already been a week since my last post :( And I thought I was being more diligent with writing... Whoops! But hey, another way of looking at it is that being busy with other things gives us more material to write about. Diba??? Pwde na bang palusot yun? Hehe!

But seriously though, it's true! Case in point, I was out for the entire weekend because of the Baler trip I was telling you guys about. I am super excited to tell you guys about the experience.. and I write that with a sore right foot (piki--piki lang ang peg ko these days), aching arms and back, and bruised knees.

Sing together now: Ang magsurf ay hindi biro...

The words, when was the last time you did something for the first time kept running through my head lately that I know I have to do something new -- in a scary kind of way.

It is good to be friends with fear from time to time. Fear mixed with anticipation and nervousness are not so bad if it pushes you to be braver and more exhilarated with life.

So while I wait for my friends' photos to write about the experience in more detail, here are a few photos of the trip:

It was such a fun trip (look at all those food!)! Will write more soon! 
So go for the braver and more adventurous you! ;)