Throwback Thursday: Sunburn Stories

Time to open up the virtual chest of long-ago entries in line with today being Thursday! I don't know who started Throwback Thursdays, but this is me jumping on the bandwagon.

But instead of posting photos of a young, toothless and giggly me, I am posting words that I wrote years ago. 

For this one, I dug up a crazy entry from one of my the-world-is-just-awesome tags -- simply put, these posts are all things travel. 

Anyway, I hope this one makes you smile. :)

Sunburn Stories
Posted April 14, 2011

Finally, Mr. Sun bid us a warm (pun intended  :D) greeting  when we went to the beach last weekend!
I think he finally made up for his lack of appearance in my last 2 beach trips lately. And he more than made up for it, I tell you! Because I am now typing this with darkened skin and my facial skin peeling from its golden glory!

Eewww, I know. Haha! But ohwels, I just hope my skin evens out eventually.

I wanted tan, but my face ended up shrimp-like red and too-much baked.

Virtual pat on the back for me.

But it was all good! I must say, I enjoyed the time we had at Canyon Cove, Batangas last week. It was the last getaway time of my sister before she goes back to the toxic world of med. So off we went with my cousin, her husband and my other sister.

The place was nothing short of lovely. It was the type of place you go to with your family because it was safe, clean and it’s all there! Infinity pool, beach, lounge chairs, huts, banana boat, jetski, kayak…

It was the typical beach scene we all have seen on American movies. I thought I was the only one who would describe it as such but I found out later on that my sister, Hershey, had the same simile in mind.


So anyway, speaking of my sister and kayak.  Here we go… It was my first time to be swept away while riding a kayak because of the current going against us when we were about to go back. I think we were away for at least an hour because in the end, we just resolved to leave the kayak in the nearest shore we found, and walk our way back to the resort.

It was a hysterical/panic-worthy moment as we fought our way out of the big rocks for 15 minutes when we slammed on the boulder because we did not stir on time! We can prolly blame this on our lack of skill and too much brevity.

Anyway, when we finally freed ourselves from the treacherous rocks, we got caught up against the current. So instead of going north, we were being swept away going South! We did not know what to do. We debated against shouting for help to the boaters that passed us by several meters ahead because we still had too much pride back then. Ha! So when the boaters were no longer in sight, we decided to stir with the current and ride toward the nearest shore we found.

Our plan: leave the kayak, then walk skirting the outline of the rocks and the shore that lies between us and the resort. It was a painful walk because the rocks were already slippery on that side and the corals were thriving in that area.

LOL moments:
When we were about to walk our way back and leave the kayak behind in the nearest shore.
Me: Dalhin nalang kaya natin tong kayak? ("How about let's just bring this kayak with us?")
Sister:  Mas importante buhay natin shobe! ("Our lives are more important than the kayak!")
Meh point naman siya. So I agreed to leave it.  But she said this with such conviction, I cannot help but laugh. :)) Ano beyyy!

Anyway, when we were already skirting our way back to the resort along the gigantic rocks... a black crow perched on one of the rocks.
Me: Errrmm. Lord, is this a sign?

So off we walked and walked, with our talangka friends... if we had our snorkeling gear at that time, I know we would have seen so many fishes and other marine creatures in that area. But we just wanted to go back before it starts getting dark. You know, priorities.

It was around 20 minutes after we started walking when the resort lifeguard riding a jetski found us! Saved! Rescued! And we even had a free jetski ride going back. Haha! Well, in exchange for humiliation. :))

I remember the last time I rode a kayak was back in Cebu. Another mishap turned into blessing. Our boat had its propeller broken down on our way to the third island, so we had to kayak our way going there. I was with my friend and one of the Island Banca kuyas, so even though we could not stir correctly for our dear lives, kuya was doing most of the work so it was okay. We got to the island in one piece. Relaxed enough to even have tons of jump shots and lounge at the beach.

On our way to Pandanon island, Cebu, August 2010

But this second time was different because we were all alone. Even though my kayaking skills have improved somewhat, the current made it harder for us to go where we wanted.

But it was all good. This has got to be something fun to tell to our friends and families when we get back home.

It was a good thing though that Mr. Sun did not show up until the next day. My sisters were going snorkeling early in the morning, and I was honestly too lazy to go with them because I was making up for my lack of sleep the day before. They picked me up straight from work on our way to Batangas so I only had a few power naps to keep me going. And I think I already had my good share of adventures on my first day, won’t you agree?

But as my cousin opened the curtains to show the inviting sun the next morning, I cannot help but say yes to the idea.

Anyway, I did a really stupid thing because I did not put sunscreen on my face because I had lots of spots the day before when I applied it. As for my body, I already put sunscreen when I was already in my cover up. Needless to  say, I was not able to cover my entire body including my back! I know, I know! Utter stupidity! I guess I was not expecting that the sun would be blazing in all its shining glory at that time, and I did not notice it was already so hot because I was dipped in the cool waters so it was balancing the heat making me want to stay there all the more. I think I was under the sun for 3 hours, dude! Thus, my sunburned skin to the nth degree as we speak.


Oh wells. Life’s a beach. And I say that with as much love because I wouldn't have had my weekend any other way. I guess what was enjoyable about it was the play between adventures the day before and the chillax-ing morning the next. I even tried snorkeling that morning and saw some fishes in the nearby shore.  Back floating for one minute, snorkeling the next then chit-chatting with my cousin were all a good way to kick back and relax that weekend.

So I would not have had it any other way.

Well, except for a little sunscreen on my face. That would have been cool. Literally.

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