Pino Resto Bar

Hi there!

Have you guys heard of Pino Resto Bar? I've heard about it a couple of times and had always been curious as to what their gustatory fare looks like.

It's been awhile since I met up with Ais, so when she suggested that we meet at Pino's branch at Jupiter Street in Makati, I was quick to say yes to the idea of new foodie experience and major-friend-catch-up.

Another reason for the meet up is because she is cooking up something -- a clothing brand that sells interesting pieces for women. She asked me to test-run a few pieces, which I am excited to do, to asses their wearability and versatility. Yaaaaay!

I will tell you more about that soon. :) I think it's great that she is creating and doing something that she feels passionately about, and she has the credentials to back up that passion, being a SOFA student definitely helps her craft and eye for what works in the fashion landscape.

Back to the Pino experience -- the place is owned by couple PJ & Alessa (of Life After Breakfast). And Alessa is one crafty lady, because aside from serving food at Pino, they also hold classes there like calligraphy, print design, watercolor, etc.

Ais and I had a pretty funny experience at Pino last Saturday, because we just decided to meet there since we were coming from 2 different places. She was coming from one of her classes at SOFA and I was coming straight from the gym (yaaay! finally went back to gym after 2 weeks!). So upon arriving, I sat myself on one table, with my back against this other girl, then started browsing Pino's menu.

A little later, I texted her saying that the menu looks "happening." Seconds later, came this voice from the girl behind me, "JOY??" I turned around, and there she was! Apparently the girl who was already there when I came in, was her pala! LOL!

Anubeeeeyyy! :P Sabawan moments!

Another funny thing that happened was that we were both looking at ordering something vegetarian and healthy that day. Since Pipino specializes in veggie dishes, I thought I'd try ordering my much-needed vegetables for the week (I am not big on the greens, hehe!), but guess what we ended up getting?

Tadaaaaan! So much for going for the healthier route :)

Kare-kareng Bagnet 
(Single: P255; Family: P365)
When I hear Bagnet, I always think of our Ilocos trip years ago! Ilocanos are definitely one group of foodie people to contend with, and bagnet is one of the items they take pride in. Pino's version of bagnet kare-kare is realllly gooooood too! I especially liked the bagoong rice, and the crunchy bagnet is an excellent play in texture to this saucy fare.

Red Wine Adobong Tadyang
(Single: P245; Family: P415)
This is one of Pino's bestselling main courses. It's a little dry for me when they served it, so I requested for additional sauce, and they indulged my request because they gave me a heaping BOWL of sauce for this! Thanks! Although this dish was just okay for me. :) Sorry! Not a super fan, but still pretty good because as all short ribs should be, this is tender. 

Nori Cheese sticks (P165)
Ha! Congratulate us because we had one meat-free item! This one's vegetarian, right? :) Not sure if this counts as being healthy though, since it's still fried. But what the heck, it should still count! :) Anyway, I loved this starter, it's cheese sticks topped with pesto sauce, drizzled with sweet jam. I could keep eating this for days! Yum!

Chunky Choco Tempura! (P125)
Pino serves dishes with a twist and this one gets the award for the most twisted offer we tried - in a good way :) It's a tempura-covered hazelnut wafer, drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup, served with vanilla ice cream. Sounds yummy? IT IS! :) Although we didn't get to finish it because I chewed on a hard plastic midway through. :( So we complained about that, and they just took this out of our tab. Except for that little boo-boo, I would prolly be raving about this. Anyway, lesson learned nalang :) It's still yummy :)

They have tons of choices, as shown on this photo I got from their FB page below, so it's still a place I'd go back to:

So there! Pino is also beside Burger Project, so if you guys are in for an all-meat diet, gooowww! :) There are options. Jupiter Street is also a pretty quiet neighborhood, which I like, and the street stretches with foodie possibilities - definitely worth going back to.

And I promise, next time I will eat my veggies ;)

Pino Resto Bar
38 Jupiter St. Bel-Aire Makati City
39 Malingap St. Teachers Village QC

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