On my Plate Lately

I'd like to blame the erratic internet connection for not being able to post something sooner but actually there had been tons on my plate lately, so apologies that this page had been static for awhile. :)

But this is me catching up! Yaaay! I missed writing! I am amazed and thankful for the things that God has blessed me with. This last quarter will prove to be really hectic but I pray that He will strengthen me to do everything joyfully and purposefully.

Next weekend, I will go surfing! Woot woot! That has been on my bucket list for a long time, so excited to finally be able to get on the surfboard and... most probably fall, and drink lots of water! Lol! I know there'll be a lot of that happening for a firstimer who doesnt know how to swim! Haha! Is this courage or stupidity? Maybe it's both!

Sooo lately, I noticed how my friends started setting up digital shops here and there that I just cannot help but smile. Long gone are the days when people will just keep on climbing the corporate ladder and leave the Chinese to do business. Right now, people have started channeling their entrepreneurial selves and have taken up the business track, alongside riding the career path. Talk about multi-tasking! :) Congrats girls and boys!

In my old blog I wrote the perks of a small biz, the time when I sold my 150th pair of SMFW! That was more than a year ago, and SMFW is still at it :) Thank God for small biz that paints life with more spontaneity and color.

I'll talk about more interesting businesses soon! And I also have a couple of things lined up like events, weddings, features which are all very exciting.

I am just happy with the things on my plate these days and I hope that yours look appealing to you too. It has to be... Because if looking at your plate makes you want to barf and already tires you just looking at it, then maybe you have to get a few things off your plate and put in more colorful and appetizing things.

You know how back in elementary, our teachers taught us Go, Glow and Grow foods? Well our plates have to have those essentials... It has to nourish and make us healthy :) There will be days when we can have our cheat days, a sweet dessert and salty chips here and there, just something new and interesting to break the monotony of a usual dish. But more than anything, it has to be nourishing -- so we have to prioritize and make time for things that would make us wiser, stronger and better.

So how does your plate look to you these days? :)