Fontilea Manila

So I finally got to test run a few pieces from Ais' line, Fontilea Manila!

Pardon the cover up-wearing-selfies to follow. I asked Achi and Mhe to take the photos to show how the kimono fits.

Ang hirap magpose, I'm hardly a natural at this. Haha! So bear with me and please focus on the kimonos --how it fits -- and imagine ways of wearing it :)

Versatility, style, wearability - check!

Congrats Ais!

Florence Blue cover up
What I loved about this is how I can imagine wearing this in the office then turn it into an outfit fitting for a night out with friends . For the 8am-5pm wear, I can just change my shoes to pumps, don pearl earrings and a classy tote bag, and voila! I am ready for the corporate world! An outfit after office hours is what the one above looks like: sexy wedges, textured clutch, dangling earrings, and maybe a daring red lipstick to match my red nail polish, and I am ready for a night out with my best buddies!

The front pockets were also a good touch, don't you think? ;)

 I like that this cover up looks classy and polished from all angles. :) So I held my hair up with a good old-fashioned clamp to direct the attention to the cut and details of the cover up.

Francisca Red Flowy Cover
For this one, I wore it with a tight-fit blank tank top and jeggings. I let my hair down for this one for a more loose and carefree look. Since the cover up was flowy, I wanted everything to have that free-flowing vibe too.

What do you think? Can you think of other ways to wear these? I bet you're imagining the accessories, belts, etc. that would make the cover ups more stylish and fashion-forward.

Fontilea Manila will be coming out with their first collection next week! There are more from where this came from :) Wheeee!

Fontilea Manila
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